Thursday, July 29, 2010

I hate healing

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

I Fucking hate to heal.

I hate healing ungrateful bastards who don't know how not to roll their face on the keyboard when a boss engages and dies in one shot because they can't wait for a tank to even touch the mob.

Seriously, I do.

Our Resto shaman is MIA for an UNKNOWN amount of time due to apparent Inet issues. Fine..whatever. However, our Resto druid is out of town until Sunday. So who gets pulled to heal? I do. I talk to the GM about this before.

I hate to heal, but if its to help the guild, I'll heal.

There is no "Hey foofy, Could you please heal this? We could use it" No its "Foofy, go resto"

I stopped healing back at the end of Vanilla. I couldn't stand it. Healing to me is stressful, and trust me, I'm a HUGE bitch when I get stressed out. I'm more than sure I pissed a couple people off when I logged off after raid saying "Fuck everyone" in guild before just disappearing. I had my share of rights though.

There is a resto druid in guild, his name will not be mentioned, but he used to raid with us in Ulduar. Then decided he didn't want to raid anymore and quit. Ok, fine. However, now adays we're bringing alts,faf,s and whatnot to our ICCheroics (25s). Fine, we gotta kill. I'm ok with that.

We do Sindy with this resto druid. As soon as the GM says to head to TOGC, his ass logs off and onto an alt. BAM! In the raid as an alt. I hope hes enjoying all the gear hes getting on him. Not only that, we have an elemental shaman, barely gets asked to heal. I'm ok with that. Hes a cool guy, but hes back to elemental as soon as we step foot into TOGC.

Do I get asked if I wanna dps? Nope..stuck healing. No one, no nothing. But the alt thing really pissed me off today. If he stayed on his druid until Anub when we could have used the alt, fine..I'm ok with that. But nope. Everyone walk over Foofy. Its the cool fucking thing to do now days.

I can't wait till I switch to my DK. Tired of Healers being late, not showing up, and more. Tired of going resto and healing people who love to bitch at others when they do wrong but never say anything when they pull their own idiot moments.

Really feeling as if I'm a doormat for the guild right now. 


Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry to hear about your guild situation Foofy. It's an awful feeling and I honestly know how you feel. I'm fortunate to be in a wonderful guild now that doesn't force me to heal or ask me to but it's still discouraging to hear other guilds that don't share the same kinds of respect for their raiders. I really hope your situation improves and that your guild realizes that they shouldn't be treating you like that and that you deserve just as much to DPS as the shaman and other druid does. Keep your chin up, things will get better.

I feel the exact same way you do about healing, it stresses me out and I simply do not enjoy the game and it's beyond me why anyone would force one of their fellow raiders to do something that they don't enjoy. It's a game and I wish people would treat it like that.

Moonra said...

You shouldn't heal if you don't like it, I don't think someone can do something in a decent way if he hate it.

There are a few option here:
talk to the RestoDruid, tell him you really do not like to fill in for him and that he should play his main instead of sliding his responsibility to someone else (In my guild if we need a resto we're not going to ask someone's offspec if myself or an other main resto is around, your main is your main and your guild should be able to count on that)

change offspec, if you don't like resto then pick something else. Your guild isn't not paying your bills, it isn't farming your gold, it shouldn't tell you what to play (they could ask but a no is still a no)

last option, look for a guild that lets you play your game, not theres

As an officer in my guild I know how frustrating it can be to fit the right raid setup and make a raid decent, but I've always been against telling people what to play when, If a person hate doing something than he's not going to perform

Anonymous said...

That sucks! Very sorry you're left with it. I found healing as a Druid very, very stressful for some reason. I removed it as my OS and became feral tank.

Foofy said...

Thanks all for the responses:

As for being resto for the guild, I told the GM, I love to help out the guild but healing I just dislike. He knows I hate it. But then it puts me in the situation of "No healer, no raid"

So being the nice person I am, I deal with the stress..Bitch and complain in my own little channel only to have the other Healers tell me to QQ, along with one of the resto druids.

I logged on after awhile last night and one of the guildies whispered me asking if I was ok. We talked a bit and I explained everything. She agreed it was pretty wrong and that healing stresses her out too, but shes a warlock so she doesn't have to deal with that and she said she can't wait till I go to my DK, so I'm happy while I play again.

Another guildie, our feral druid offered to go resto and take some slack off me. But I know how the raid runs, and told him they would choose me to go resto over him since they want the mangle debuff and pack for our melee.