Saturday, March 13, 2010

Moving Forward in Heroic ICC

Well, after we killed Lich King about 2-3 weeks ago, we have been working on hardmodes. A Few..well, alot of these are not moonkin friendly. First thing comes into mind is Marrowgar. On Normal I can stand in place even in Bonestorm because hell, it never hurts. On Heroic you don't want to be near it, so you lose a bit of dps by moving out early and trying to avoid. As well of the normal "Chain spiked" that likes to happen to me.

We just recently defeated Lady Deathwhisper, the problem holding us back was people handling ghosts. We tried several different ways then we began to really excel at getting people to move and avoid ghosts, or if they was going to hit one, they would kill themselves only. On this fight and the setup we used, I was placed on the boss full time. I loved this. Only problem I disliked was having to run and the fact that I was used for CCing Mc'd people every 20-30 seconds. This is where I began to hate the fight. Especially when a Death Knight got Mc'd and decided to pop their Immunity Spell Shield and all I am seeing is Immune spam across my screen. By the time I see the bubble is up they normally have killed some clothie in the back.

Same goes for rogues, especially if they get mc'd and end up pillar humping around the boss keeping me out of LOS. We tanked the adds right next to the boss and normally ae'd them. So if a melee was on the boss while their adds where down and got mc'd, they usually took about 20k damage within a second. So I had to be really quick on those MC's.  Phase 2 wasn't to bad since we was more spread out and I had more time to get to them before they killed someone.

Gunship, I don't do anything on this fight but the cannon. No comment here. Saurfang we just downed for the first time last week. I was so happy with myself. I made a World Parse, and did it again this week. This boss is still the RNG boss, mainly because you really hope a clothie doesn't get the Mark of the Fallen Champion. Its so much easier to heal if its on a melee, especially a plate wearer. Adds are easily handled and typhoon can be well timed to get maximum dps time on the adds and then to the boss.

Festergut isn't to bad. You need all 3 spores or a shadow resist pot and barkskin+Bear if you miss one. ( Yes, I missed one. I tested this x_x). Rotface is just run around like a chicken (no pun intended) with his head cut off. So much is going on around there you don't get much time to dps, especially if the kiter takes large gaps.

Dreamwalker can kiss my ass. I hate this fight so much on heroic its not even funny. Something can go sour so quick, just like someone standing in defile on Lich King. Blood Queen isn't to bad as long as no one decides to hug you right at the fear. The Owlkin Frenzy proc is still great for this fight (and only this fight).

On Blood Princes, I did like ZERO dps. I was more concerned about the orbs. A few attempts people got to focused on the boss and let an orb drop down behind them and blow everyone up. So I suppose when we get used to the fight more, I'll be able to do more than 2k deeps.

So, I believe that is everything. Yeah, Reawaken really pushed forward in Heroic 25man ICC which is nice since we had just lost our Paladin tank who felt we was doing terrible when we was trying to down Saurfang for the first time.

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