Thursday, March 25, 2010

Addon Watch: Ovale

Alot of people use addons to play the Game. Moonkin normally use the universal addon Squawk and Awe. This addon shows you the cooldown of your eclipses and shows when one procs. It also can show you:

Omen of Clarity Proc
4pc Proc
Entangling Roots Timer
Dot Ticks

And much more!

Now, with 3.3.3 patch, the Spell ID for Solar eclipse seemed to break, because of this several people where asking for an update to Squawk and Awe. It came a few hours later but by then I had already went out and about looking for a new addon. Being the idiot I am in raids, I like to see everything that is going on in raid. Especially since I love to handle different roles.

Yes, thats right, Foofy has tank gear and loves to tank! So I love to see how bosses are tanked and what happens to them. As for healing, haven't touched that since Ulduar. However, with a tank set comes Kitty DPS. And I wont lie..I'm a terrible kitty. Which is why I wanted an addon that did both things for me just by allowing me to shapeshift.

Now, there is an addon called Feral By Night, which is very useful for Kitties, however I was spammed with nothing but errors when trying to get it. After an hour or trying to fix it, I just removed it. Then I remembered a post on TMR about a mod called Ovale. Alot of people had their own personal opinions about it as it tells you what to cast next. Alot of people hate this. But Feral by Night is the same way and I don't hear to many people complaining. Then again, the Moonkin Rotation isn't as complexed.

I had tried it out beforehand when the topic was made. I had problems configuring it, understanding it so when I did get it to work, I noticed a few flaws and decided not to use it. Now, I won't lie. If you are a starting moonkin, this addon will help you learn your rotation. Or if you are a raid leader and have several things to keep track of, this addon will help you.

If you are just a pawn dancing around the slimes in ICC and know your rotation like the back of your hand, this addon IS NOT for you.

Since Squawk and Awe was broken for me yesterday, I still had this addon installed, just disabled so I decided to give it a try again. Just something to show me procs. I used the button switch to tell me when eclipse proc'd and it worked wonders. I fixed a few configuration options to where it wouldn't tell me to clip dots. And the best thing is, I go into cat form and it automatically switches to feral for me.

I logged onto my rogue and it worked there too, as well as my warrior and paladin. Which made me smile. A universal addon that when configured correctly will work for you. But as I said, its an addon that tells you what to do and when to do it. THIS ISN'T FOR EVERYONE.

Here you can see me at the target dummy. I haven't applied anything. My Ovale automatically tells me to apply FF at the start.

After doing so, my icons switch. Normally to IS, then MF, then to wrath. It will continue to show my wrath icon until Eclipse procs or a dot falls off. It caculates the time left on the target dummy with the dot compared to the global cooldown of your actions. So you won't clip if configured right.

Here is a screenshot of everything rolling. As you can see, the Starfall icon is changed to Treants, since I casted Starfall. After treants are casted, Starfall changes back and shows the cooldown for you.

Moving on, when you go into a feral form, it automatically switches its rotation for you. Of course, it seems to go by spec. So if you are moonkin, you may need to hit the target with a random move for the kitty bar to appear.

Off the bat it asks me to cast FFF (Feral Farie Fire) and where you see treants, would be mangle if I was Cat spec. But alas, both my spec's are Moonkin at the moment.

Also, as I said, this Addon picks up other classes to. Rogue, Paladin, Death Knight, and many others.

Q: Will I be using Ovale over Squawk and Awe?
A: Personally, I think I'll hold onto a bit more for now. Atleast until all these hardmodes are cleared.

Q: Any gripes with this addon?
A: A few, mainly the starfall and treants option with the second icon square, but other than that, I enjoy it.

Q: I'm new to being a moonkin, would you recommend this addon?
A: Yes, but be sure to configure it not to clip your dots. Clipping dots is bad.


Oscar said...

Might we see a screenshot, perhaps?

Foofy said...

Grabbing screenshots now.

Maestro said...

I've got a blog in the pipeline on this addon. I'll reference your post in it, most likely. I'm looking less at Ovale in specific and more at script based prediction addons in general.

Foofy said...

@ Maestro: as others have stated, alot of people dislike the thought of an Addon telling them what to do. I mainly have become to like this addon because it takes over several others I would need. I'm a terrible Cat Dps'er, Terrible Rogue and I'm not to good on my ret. I have problems with melee since I've been a caster my entire wow Career. So this addon helps me out. Not saying its the best addon in the world but its very helpful for people who like to play alts and don't want to have several different addons just for that one alt.

Anonymous said...
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Maestro said...

Foofy! I need your help!

Naturally this is Relevart from TMR and Druid Reliquary.

I can't do ANYTHING on the TMR forums. Even viewing the message on the forums has proven impossible. Might it be cause of the new rank?

Please delete this comment, but since I can't send PMs anymore, this was the only way to contact you.

Foofy said...

You able to get in now Relevart?