Saturday, February 20, 2010

State of Moonkin, Mind and soul

I'm sure many people have already seen this posted somewhere else, so I won't go into to much detail. Ghostcrawler has stated he wants to give Moonkin more burst in PVP, however he feels that if it runs over into PVE; hes more than certain that we wont complain.

And why would we?

We are being pushed to the bottom of the meters. We used to do great in naxx when we properly scaled. Ulduar we began to move to the middle of the pack, Icecrown; if on a non movement fight, we can still do well, but all the movement on the other fights destroy us. Elemental shaman and Shadow Priest have been given their buffs to help them out. So now I really have to fight to hold my spot on the meters. But to this point, without any real buffs besides bandaids, there isn't much we can do in the end. No amount of min/maxing will fix the gap that Blizzard has put infront of us.

So I'm very curious to see what this "burst" ability will be. Will it be something we already have just with a talent switch? Will it be a new spell? (god I hope so). What? Tell me!

Another thing I wanted to talk about is the state of the Moonkin in World of Warcraft. I've noticing a few of them dying out or other guilds talking to me about their Moonkins. I've done random heroics and had Guild Masters asking me to join their guild so they could kick their Moonkin. Or to teach one how to play. I really don't know whats going on here lately. A lot of Moonkin are getting the sense that they are the best at what they do and don't feel like the need to read up on anything.

I did a video series called Moonkin Raiding Basics. Over time, they have become outdated. With the change in us not having a single rotation but now twisting; the info is outdated. But its become a problem where people don't read the dates where this information is submitted. Or hell, they don't even read the nearly always up to date Raiding Basics Sticky thread.

Are these the types of people giving Moonkin a bad name? I know I'm not the best in the world either, but to be constantly asked to look at others and see what they are doing wrong, you see alot of strange stuff come across your path.

People gemming pure haste, runspeed meta. I've even see a Moonkin with no Hit and not knowing what it was when he applied to a raiding guild. (Yes, 232 Hero as we call it). The weirdest thing I have ever seen though was a Moonkin who actually gemmed Armor pen. I never did figure out why, but its fixed now. But in all seriousness, these people probably make up 60% of the total Moonkin population. With that high of numbers, they are normally seen before the people who know what they are doing. I've seen friends (other Moonkin) turned down from guilds because the last Moonkin they had was terrible and they didn't want a repeat.

So please, read up on this stuff. Figure out that 4k isn't good now adays. Single Target dps testing doesn't use Trees or Starfall or buffs to gage where you are. If you feel you are the best on your server, always know there is someone out there better than you; probably just less known. I'm sure there is someone better than me on my server all the time. I'm always looking at WWS logs to see what I can improve. So far its my dot uptime. I won't lie. I need to work on it. Sometimes I just take to long to get my dots back up, or I clip them by mistake and then I cry.

Either way, LEARN; its good for you! Gives more wrinkles to your brain :D

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