Monday, February 15, 2010

The Lich King and Raiding

Well, my guild killed Lich King for the first time last night. First time someone survived going downstairs, but it was obvious the people who went downstairs had a hard time stopping the ghost from channeling on the tank down there. How do I know? Lich king went RUGIRTURJGRJKJGR grew, 1 shot our tank and began to run around.

Luckily I Battle'ress'd our secondary tank and somehow arthas was able to be tanked for a second. Then he began to pick the dps off, one by one. We had 5% to go so we did all we could to make sure he hit that 5%. Well yeah, he hit me..we all died, saw the ressed then got in our free shots and loot.

Now, what does this encounter mean to me?

Nothing. While yay! Another boss down..onto heroic modes! I feel the boss was over hyped about it in terms of difficultly. I feel the fight itself isn't hard. Its basic mechanics with a dps race. You can easily figure out tricks for this fight, or just common knowledge if you want to call it that. However, the hardest part of this fight is getting 24 other people to be "in the zone" as some say..and pay attention and act accordingly for 15 minutes.

Thats right, we died half the time to...DUN DUN DUN..Defile! Or people not assisting the right targets on valkyr so people went over the edge. I admit for attempts before I thought I was to assist one guy, then apparently I didn't hear the change and ended up assisting the wrong target for an entire day. I fixed it as soon as I was told. Not hard. But you can have the same people who run from defile only a little bit. Stand there, start casting while defile just took a tick and grew under them, and now is taking ticks from them.

That is what wiped us most of the time. Even when our healers got picked up by valkyr we still made it look easy. Its just that defile..UH. DEFILE I HATE YOU. Its like "DON'T STAND IN FIRES GUIZES" on Archimonde back in BC. How hard that was to get people to move.

Anyway, Lich is dead and the GM decided to head into ToGC for a chance at some loot that was still needed. Of course we've seen the caster trinket once..ONCE since killing him a few months ago. So a warlock buddy of mine and myself were like "Come on!" Not only that, we are the only ones left in the guild (that I know of) that still needs to get our Insanity achievement.

Yeah..that long. I offered to sit out for the first one, I felt it unfair that I had Death's Demise and no one had a title since we lost Server First Alagon to Vanquish (alliance on our server). So I was like, "Loot always drops, but titles are a once in a server thing..I'll sit out for someone who needs a title"..and so I did. So..they got the titles and I'm like "Grats guys!" now all I need is the achievement for my points and show that I can do it as well.

Next week, Flopped..
Week After, Flop
After that, Flop

So I'm thinking, meh..I'll sit out this time. Since the flopping we did was before Anubarak on stupid stuff. Twins, Faction champs and amazingly even Beasts. So I sat out..then they got it again and I was like "sigh". Now we get to Anubarak all the time with 50 attempts..but you know what?

Yeah, just as you thought. Something always happens. I feel like someone is paying someone to piss me off. One pull, our Paladin tank (we only use 1 tank for the adds and 1 for Anubarak..paladins are op) had a fire drill go off and had to afk in the middle of the fight. Understandable but really bad timing. Another, our tank DC'd on the pull and Anubarak was like "HELLO THERE DPS".

A few others happened just for people forgetting Anubarak still takes you paying attention. And then last was all good. Me and my warlock buddy was like "YAY! Finally!" then a mage in my channel said "Grats Foofy"..then and there was like "You just fucking jynx'd me" And boy was a right. Anubarak spun around and started to beat on people. No one knew what was going on. The Tank was still alive right? Yeah..I even looked to make sure.

Over vent, the tank spoke up. "Uh..I got..Bop'd?" then the whispers between me and the warlock started like "WTF KIDS"..not only that but about 10 guild members whispered me, knowing how long I've been after the achievement and told me next time to stop being so nice and letting people in for me. Of course they said it in a way "You should stay in more and stop being nice" not "HA IDIOT THIS IS WHAT YOU GET" type thing.

Anyway, every week before people would whisper me good luck. I don't think its luck anymore. I just think it will never happen. But what is this achievement to me anyway? Well, I would love to have the achievement. One for the points..the Epeen in me wants over 9000 (lol). The second is the label. Not many people out there can get insanity. Most people have skipped Heroic Anubarak and went straight to ICC so finding someone who has killed Anubarak while using the LFG tool is pretty low. And the last is for me. Myself..knowing I can successfully complete Insanity and not screw up.

Well, rant over and off to Heroic ICC I go!

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