Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Moonkin Repository and its Contests

For those who enjoy all things moonkin, TMR usually tries to hold a contest every so often. Well, we haven't had a contest in a bit and we are currently planning our next one. However, funds are short and we are going to be limited on prizes. So, while this may seem shallow, I am going to do it anyway for the site.

Any donations available to help get prizes for TMR should please click the following link. A dollar to even 25 cents will work as what we have in mind is just out of our reach. Or if you even have something you wouldn't mind giving up for the contest, toss me an email! I'll be glad to chat about it with ya!


Maestro said...

Could you send me a copy of the code that you used to generate the button and link it to TMR? I'll go ahead and throw a post up about the contest as well as shamelessly promote any entry I submit!


Foofy said...

You wont be able to promote your entry. It will be against the rules for anyone to see it until the day of voting. As for the button, I'll send you the code in a pm :)