Monday, September 21, 2009

Another Post, Another Dime

I'm sure you all can read the time and see when I am posting this. I haven't been able to sleep and I've had a thought in my mind for awhile about a discussion on the MMO-Champ forums. This discussion is "Is blizzard redoing player models?" The thread can be found here for anyone to read, but this is what is posted inside.

The fact that everyone and their grandma (sorry for generalization) expected new haircuts and other barbershop features to be released more often (Like with every major patch)

But what if......

The reason they haven't done it yet, si ebacuse they ahte to make new haricuts for models that will be outdated soon?
It could explain why druid forms got remodeled before old races as these remodelings dont get obsolete when Cataclysm (Or some major patch) hits and old races are remodeled.

And if you think a bit further.....we haven't seen the dance studio yet, tough it was promised for WotLK.
Perhaps its because they ahte to make dances for soon to be obsolete models, or they are to busy remodeling the old races, isntead of creating new dances.

Well Blizzard, am I on the right track?
I would love it if the races would get a remodeling. It would match with the old content zones getting an upgrade.


Also this could explain the recycled haircuts. Blizzard didnt want to spend too much time on new haircuts for a soon to be out of date model, so they simply recycled hairstyles in preparation for the new models.
I mean even Blizzard shudve known that their would be lots aQQ about them being lazy by doing this. So thats why I think we will get remodeled old races.

Blizzard better not dissapoint me now Wink


What if blizzard is changing the way we can customize our char, by adding options to determine, height, muscle tone, fat% etc etc etc.
Now I know this sounds crazy but bear with me.
You already read my theories on why the haircuts and dances were postponed and the "new" haircuts were recycled ones.
Now if Blizzard would actually remodel the races for Cataclysm, I'm sure they'd make a big deal out of it in the cataclysm trailer, like they did with haircuts,dances in wotlk trailer.

So why havent they then?
I'll tell you why, becasue its NOT gonna be in Cataclysm!
It's gonna be in Patch 3.3 or 3.4!!!!

That concludes the theory, if you want to get convinced and don't mind to read some more, please continue reading.

The dances are slated for WotLK, so if races get remodeled it should happen before or at the same time as the new dances are being released. Else theyd create dances for an obsolete model etc etc etc.
The reason it takes this long is because they want to add the other customization options in too (the lenght and muscle tone etc etc etc)

Recently, blizzard stated, that Ulduar was a major raid patch, Call of the Crusade was a minor raid patch and that they didnt want us to think this is a pattern. Now why would they say it (from here one,
crazy conspiracy theories are born)
They say it because they dont want us to expect a HUGE raid isntance in a patch when they are bringing updated models. They dont want the raiders to get dissapointed. So they are preparing us for a patch with not alot ot raid content or pve contenr, but with alot of models/spells/gfx upgrades (yeah I jsut threw in spells/gfx for the heck of it, I mean some effects are jsut ugly and with new models will look very UGLY)

Then the reason they released the druid forms upgrades is to see how glad we are with them and to determine if race remodeling will be development time well spent. (and new druid models are a succes)
They then proceeded telling us that they will upgrade the other forms too, so that when we get remodeled races we will be liek: "OMG WTH AMAGAWD!!!!! COOL AWESOMEEE!!!1111oneoneone"
They don't want us to expect it else the suprise will be gone! (Even cataclysm was leaked b4, so this is their last attempt at a suprise, to make us forget about AiON etc etc etc)

So this is my reason for thinking that Call of the Crusade was a minor patch so that they could work on the models, dances and hairstyles for 3.3 or perhaps 3.4.

3.2.2 is also a stalling patch because they need more time to create the models.
I mean an ONY revamp, under the disguise of 5th aniversaary, good one Blizz, but I am on to you >.>

Perhaps they had this idea for remodeling races a long time ago and this would explain why we see armor sets being recycled so often in WoTLk. Becasue the sets needed a quik look for untill the new models would be released. They didnt want to spend too much time on a items looks when it will become obsolete in that same expac.

Anyway, we need more people CLAIMING that they believe this (because we all know that even if Blizz did no such thing, they will see the peoples expectations for new models and they would have no other choice! (The customer is always right!))

So are you with me!?
That was by Vasti on MMO-Champ. He already said English was NOT his first language so please ignore the errors. However, he had a lot to say and much to think about. He has some points, but no proof. Personally, I would love to see a player update on models. Our models are terrible currently in the game with how visually it has progressed. If you don't believe me, get naked and go stand anywhere in Northrend.

Yeah, you stick out like a sore thumb don't ya? Don't even seem like the same game eh? Well, to prove a point, I think my naked cow will come into play.

As you can see, she doesn't really fit in. The graphics on the fire and smoke are 100x's better than the look of my tauren. From afar, you can see see how flat everything looks on her. You can even see her tail has a cut in it from this distance. Her jawline is jagged and the graphics around her are so smoothe and shiny. It kinda makes you wonder if its the same game.

With each expansion, blizzard is upgrading the graphics. They are completely redoing Azeroth in the next expac. Its needed an overhaul badly since they updated graphics for the first time in BC.

If you don't believe me, look at the original starting areas for the races, then look at the Draenai and Blood Elf starting area and tell me if you can see the difference. Its not hard to see something such as this. Another thing that sticks out is when you look at a tauren from behind. Two major flaws. First in the mane/braids. They are, I can't even describe it. With other hair styles, you can see the flow, but with the tauren, it kinda looks like they just put lines in there to make it look like they tried to braid it. Also, their tip of their tail can poke an eye out. I swear it! We're dangerous weapons of mass destruction! The graphic of the male tauren is about the same, hell, it is the same, just wider. But lets look at another area that has me wishing for updates.

Yes folks, that is my tauren's butt. Sexy isn't it? But my point will be proven! We have had this hole in our panties for years now. YEARS! You think after all these years we could change them by now. I mean, com'on. I enjoy a free breeze every now and then, but this is just to much. Males have it too! And they always sit there and scratch themselves...lord knows I want to see the hole in their pants all the time....

You can also see my pointy tail with its broken splendor great from this angle as well. Along with how they made tauren fur. Fingers are well done as well. have you seen the hands of the new models of the blue ladies and the males? They are so well done. I was actually hoping it would be a playable race. Which reminds me, they are remaking the Goblins for the Xpac. This would be a great time to take a look at our other models players use. I'm not looking for a complete overhaul, just an update to fix our polys and make us look more smoothe and to fit in with the game more. They are already doing it with pieces of gear in the middle of this current expansion, I don't see why they couldn't do it in the future. And yes, we do have 3-D gear now. Plenty of it actually from ToC. Here is a screenshot of what I mean.

This is flat. This is actually from Vanilla Wow. Its called Stormrage. It was the Druid Teir 2 set. Its graphic has been recycled and it will be recycled again from the next patch when Onxyia comes back. (oh joy..I hear she deep breaths more).

But looking at this, you can easily pick out how flat it is (yes, that is my touchie!). The belt looks like it was iron'd down and glued to my waste while my gloves look painted on. Along with the leaf like colors on the lower part of the pants and what I think is supposed to be a border of yellow. The moons are flat and my braids have a great view of looking like hanging testicals from my face. Oh joy. Now lets look at a piece of gear from ToC.

Now, this is a pair of pants from ToC. This is a great graphic, I was actually in awe when I noticed it was 3-D. The graphics on this are nothing compared to the rest of the gear. While the graphics on the Ulduar gear may look nice, this just cuts the cake into a pie and makes the whole world implode because these pants destroyed Chuck Norris in a thumb wrestling match.

I really don't know what else to say about it. Its just so pretty I have to stop typing and stare. But I'm sure you all get my point. So needless to say, I would love to see a model update in this coming expac. Its long over due for all races. Especially humans and their faces. Oi, you guys need some work!


Model updates would be nice..CHOP CHOP!


Anonymous said...

I'm actually suspecting that they might do this. Considering the look of Aion in comparison... Blizzard has never been the type to just sit back and let another company soak up all its players. Updating the player models would be an excellent way to start competing.

Joe said...

I'm 1000% percent behind this post I wish for an model update with all my dark soul!! Good theory.