Thursday, September 24, 2009

Loot Council and October Lists

When people hear the word, Loot Council; they usually make an angry face and refuse to be apart of it. Which is highly understandable! Some people have had horrible experiences with a loot council. Some loot councils are terrible. Hell, the bad ones play favorites, its not hard to see. Or people don't like the fact they wont just be handed loot after spending all their points on something that isn't really an upgrade for them. Whatever the reason, I will say this....I love the loot council my guild has.

When I first started looking for a new home, my husband and I came across the recruitment post. It all looked good until he saw it was a loot council. He said he really didn't want to deal with it. He wanted a say/chance at what he wanted. So, at first, we decided not to app. But as time went on, I kept looking back at them. I had been talking with them while the whole drama of Novus was going on (GM missing..people bickering). While talking to one of their officers, I enjoyed everything I heard. They accepted couples, was doing great in progression, and I enjoyed the way he explained their loot council.

For those who are wondering, the loot council is like this:

Players make up a list of 12 items they would like to get. No more than 12, but you can always have less. You number them, 1 to 12 in the order you would like to receive them. So pretty much you are ranking the items you want. 1 being the top of the list, 12 being the least. All the members, officers, and the GM put in the list and at the start of each new month, a Big Boss list is put together. It has everyone's loot list placed on there. However, it has them in order each person put their items. So..Say I put Sufference at 2, and someone else puts it at 1. That person would be ahead of me on the list because they ranked it higher.

If someone has the same item on the list for a month, and continues to the next month with it in the same place and its in a slot higher than 4, it gets a "For x Months". This means the number of months the item has not dropped or the person did not loot it gets added in. So if I leave Sufference at 2 but do not get it for a month, while in the second slot, it has a +1 to it. Meaning its technically in the number 1 slot. So if I got the item I had in the number 1 slot last month, I can put a different item in the number 1 slot and still have a chance at it. Of course, if more months pass and I don't get the item, it will continue to add up until the person with the highest number os +'s gets it.

If two people have the same item in the same slot, it goes to best upgrade. The officers usually as you to link what you currently have or just inspect you. Then they ask if you would need to switch gear out and whatnot. So personally, I love this loot system. It makes people really sit down and plan out their character instead of seeing a purple and just going for it. But the reason for my post is this. I wanted to show up the items I have in mind to go for this month. So I am posting my current BiS list (this means stuff I have access to, not all loot BiS like Graylo has up at his blog cause there is no way in hell I can get ahold of the Aeth' Cloak right now )

 The reason I am using this list is its stuff I have current access to, as I already said. I'm holding onto my dragonsoul for now cause we have terrible luck with trinkets. But other than that, this is what my list will look like for next month. We are currently working on Heroic Anub, but I know several other people have stuff listed much higher than my original list would allow.

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