Sunday, September 13, 2009

I've Decided

I took some time to really think about it for the past 2 weeks. Azamath himself is not moving from his stance on not going Alliance. Due to this, I wanted to really sit back and think about what I have now and what I would have on Alliance Side.

Horde side Pros
  • A Great Guild
  • A husband to steal mats and gold off of
  • Several farmer alts to help my main out
  • Great Friends
  • My Cow's Tail
  • An Overpowered Emote ( /Moo)
  • Lower Population (Easier to get to know people)

Horde Side Cons
  • Expensive Prices to buy stuff off the AH
  • Low Population (Hard to find people at certain times of the day)
  • Large Hit Box (People can reach me from really far away, and I get stuck in doors easily)
  • Blood Elves (/twitch)
Alliance Side Pros
  • Cheap AH Prices
  • Larger Population
  • More Min/Maxing to raids (1% to hit anyone?)
  • Smaller hitboxes (Night Elf)
  • Shadowmeld
Alliance Side Cons

  • Night Elves (are fat and ugly!)
  • I'd lose my tail :(
  • To large of a population (I don't like being on an overpopulated side, makes me feel like a copycat)
  • Gnomes
  • Night Elves again
  • Did I say Gnomes yet?
Well, needless to say, The best things  for the Horde side are things I already have. Sure our Auction House prices are terrible and its much easier just to have an alliance alt and buy stuff off their AH and bring it over then work from our own, but its still nice. At least on Staghelm. While there are idiots on Horde side (and yes there are many on the Alliance side too) the small population makes me feel as if I know everyone. I can usually pick out familiar faces easily, know when to group with them and when to not answer and pretend to be AFK when I get tells.

Another thing I wanted to look at was my hitbox. I've been a Female Tauren for years now, I can't stand playing a character without a tail for every long. Unless its my Paladin Tank (Who is going tauren as soon as race changes come!) I tried leveling a gnome once. I couldn't stand that the grass in the area was taller than me. I missed the fact that when I would type /Moo...There was no moo sound. At the same time however, I love the fact while playing other toons about how I can fit through doors. Undercity owns Tauren, no doubt about it. I usually end up using Travel Form throughout the whole place since the elevators don't like Tauren.

Still going on with the hitbox, PVP doesn't help either. While some people think Warstomp in PVP is OP, its not very good for a Balance druid who has a melee raping their face in. Unless I'm gonna run over and warstomp a caster, I don't see me using it. Only time I've ever successfully used Warstomp was back in BC when I had high Armor and there wasn't all of those damn Armor Reduction Abilities on every melee swing.

Another thing that slowly nitpicks at me during the day is the difference between Horde and Alliance I have grown to hate is my forms. Being a druid, I'm stuck in forms 98% of the time when raiding. Because of this..The Horde moonkin form is terrible to me.  I even cheated and tried model edits once. Yeah, I wont lie. I really can't stand looking like this. I don't use them anymore though, I really didn't like taking the chance to lose all my hard work for something as stupid as looks in a video game.

I will admit, I tried to get used to it, I joke all the time about my Feathery butt, my ugliness scaring away the Alliance and more, but at the end of the day, I just can't stand looking at this form. BUT! I figured I should go on about what I have decided. I decided I will stay Horde. For my friends, my guild, my sanity, and my Husband. But I also made a second choice too. I will be going Troll come Race Changes for Druids. Thats right. Unless they make the new Tauren Racials Good, or something that I would atleast have fun with, I will just go Troll. Not because of the graphics (they are all getting redone anyway), but because I want to be able to fit through doors, look a bit better in my gear, and be able to dance like a suga momma!


Yeah, I have one toon I have yet to put on my character list for contacts. I'm actually going to redo the list here in a few days to update with all the toons I actually log on to more than once a month. But here is the thing I have been really keeping secret...

I have a little Night Elf Druid named Foofe on my server. Shes level 40 and I have been leveling her off and on. She was going to be my Reroll toon, then I stopped when they announced the Faction Transfers (see, I really was ready to go all the way kids!) Since the Faction Transfer announcement, I've kinda abandoned her, but I liked going into Low level BGS and owning as a little moonkin. Get my kicks in before I ever max her out.

So, yeah..


Foofy is going Troll come Race Change unless Tauren get an OP Racial.

ALSO! As a final note, WTB banner for this site! I used to be able to use photoshop and whatnot, but after I had to reformat due to a soundcard effort, I lost it. So, if you have some good skills with banners and would like to contribute, let me know! I'm just looking for a banner to fit across the top (until the dotted line)

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