Sunday, September 20, 2009


Its that time of the year again when Brewfest comes to Azeroth! This time with the new achievement tab placed in, people are doing more than just collecting mounts!

People are picking up anything alcoholic and just having fun! However, there are goggles in the game you can put on that allow you to see the Tingers and Pink Elks should you not wish to become intoxicated and keep yourself simple and clean of the evil.

There are several achievements this year:

  • Drunken Stupor: Fall 65 yards without dying while completely smashed during the Brewest Holiday.
This achievement is very easy to obtain for Horde of Alliance. You can go to Shatt and jump off the side of the Scryer's Teir. Or you can go to Undercity and go to the Zep that takes you to Grom. When it gets there, get yourself smashed and jump off the side, aiming for the lowest point in the ground below you. Going kitty form will help you incase you fall a bit further than you want. However, iceblocking doesn work if you are a mage.

  • Strange Brew:  Drink the beers listed Below
All the stuff you need can easily be bought off vendors. If you have trouble getting any off the troll (Horde side) I suggest stepping inside the tent and trying to buy. There is currently a bug in game not allowing you to buy if you are outside the tent.

  • The Brewfest Diet
This just speaks for itself. Everything can be bought off the vendor. Also, we all remember the Dark Iron Attacks. Well, now you can miss it and still get the achievement. After they attack, an item lands on the ground and you can go pick it up at anytime, until another attack of course.

All the achievements are really easy to get. Only one that may take some time is the one that requires you to have 3 pieces of clothing that you are going to get drunk in. Unless you have tickets from last year. Also, don't forget that after you do the ram daily, you can talk to the guy again and offer to work for him again! This gives you 2 tickets per barrel you bring back!

So, for those who are after the mounts, its still the Kodo and the Ram that are available. If you are unable to get these mounts to drop (cause rng is great and all) you can use Hops on your mount and still get the achievement.

So, have fun at Brewfest this year and enjoy your new titles!


imwanding said...

Just in addition to that troll brew bug thing...

You can also buy from the vendors in other cities.

karim said...

Very thoughtfull post on achivement. It should be very much helpfull

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