Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Manolo03 has sent you a message:
Patch 3.1 xD
Hi there.

I know the patch has just come up but since u got such a good way to explain moonkin stuff and give tips about it. Well I just wanna ask u not to forget us, your moonkin fans :P so i hope u can update as soon as possible the new patch changes since ur like a sen-sei to lot of us ;)

And even if ur dont upload a new video i could use a cute written update :P

Have fun with the new patch ;)


Don't worry folks, if there is something that needs to be updated, I'll update it. I just wanted to let everyone know that. I wont be disappearing randomly or rerolling. Also, until we see what all loot there is (since we've only seen like 100 out of 800) we can't compile a real BiS list. So for now, just use what you know when you are looking at pieces that drop!

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Don Luca said...

Thanks for all your efforts, foofy!
I'm really looking forward your updates!

You and all the guys over at the moonkin repository really helped me out speccing and gearing my chicken! :D

Rømeø of Crushridge (EU)