Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter and More!

Happy Easter everyone! Or however your religion may celebrate this holiday, I just wish you happiness and good fortune :)

I would like to pass around the fact that those eggs you may be dying..are moonkin eggs. Some dwarves got into our nests and stole them earlier so please...keep an eye out for our children! After all, we are already endangered, lets not make it worse!

Happy Holidays!


As for a normal post, I wanted to let everyone know that The Moonkin Repository has finally moved to a new host to get rid of the ads they had pushed on us. They changed the ad policy for 29cents per 1,000 views. Sadly, our money only held up for 2 weeks before the ads came back. With the new host, its easier to keep the ads away so yeah! Woot!

We also added more forums and switched some stuff around. Right now the Ajax chat is missing and the quick reply. However, I'm stuck in Maryland right now with my family so I can't fix it just yet, but the site is now Powered by WowHead so you can now mouseover links and see what items are!

We also added a Recruitment Forum area due to Ulduar coming out. We are sure people will be interested in looking at moonkin as raid members and incase you are looking for one for your guild or you are a moonkin looking for a guild, don't be afraid to post on the recruitment forum looking for that special chicken or trying to find your chicken a home!

So, thats all for now! Like I said, when I get home, I'll try and get the quick reply working and the chat so everyone can have their chats again! Maybe..I can convince someone to create a Moonkin Forum template for the Repository so we look different and awesome!



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Daez said...

Happy Easter to you too, Foofy! Also, gotta love the new site, and everyone who donated to help Wolf make it happen is awesome. I dunno where I'd be without all you awesome MKR folks. Probably stacking INT and spamming MOONFARE! /rawr!