Thursday, March 19, 2009

Update on Teir 8 and Pvp

Fellow Moonkin, I called you all here today to go over the evil that has plagued our feathers for generations! We have been kicked down, spit on, and have yet to receive respect from those who created us. Our creators feel this to be a cruel joke as we squirm with the life that was set before us. Never changing, never allowing freedom from this cage we call a talent tree.

We have put up with the PVP balances they have instated long enough. We have become nothing but a moving target. Nothing but a punch bag for all other classes. We have no survivability and have yet to see any change with it. The one called GhostCrawler claims to be on our side. Yet! He is pure evil. His pincers of hate and deceit follow us around, plucking out of feathers on each turn. Even now, he cackles at our injustice. Creating more pain as he releases what is supposed to be our teir set. A set that upon item level, should be better than what we have; yet is worse than anything we have seen.

We are victim to Random Number Generators. This polarity is terrible and our children's children feel the hate that comes with it! This evil needs to be vanquished! We must stand up and fight! No longer will we stand by and just let this evil crustacean tear our of hearts and feathers, one by one. No, we will fight!

I ask that my brother's and sisters no longer typhoon each other out of the nests, instead, aim all of their abilities at this creature. So in one swoop, we can knock him into a boiling pot of water and have dinner that will satisfy our families for generations to come!


Fix our pvp
Fix our set bonuses
Eclipse is to RNG
Crab Legs are tasty

We will take a stand!


I was trying to find a good Balance thread to post in. There are several good ones, but this one made me laugh.

Typhoon -- what we are most likely to do is add a daze effect of some kind. This is what the mage spell Blast Wave does. The daze (it's like a 50% snare) can add a little bit more time to do something before the targets get back on you, such as cast a Cyclone. We might mess with the knockback distance a little, but Typhoon is built differently from many spells, so there may be a limit in what we can do here.

2P Ulduar set bonus -- we increased the Eclipse boost to 15%, which should actually grant a dps increase.

We know many druids still don't like the inherent RNG that Eclipse offers. However, we like mechanics that encourage players to dynamically (meaning if they pay attention) swap which spell they are using. Balance has often had a real tunnel-vision problem of just using the same spell over and over. Even mages do that less these days with all the other procs and cooldowns they can blow at certain times. Eclipse did have some problems, particularly with the Wrath part of the talent not actually doing enough, but we believe those are in a better shape now.


VA said...

Instead of trying to come up with alternatives to make Balance respectable in pvp, just put Starfall back to the way it was, and make sure barkskin and tree stun works properly with brambles. Problem solved.

So, Starfall gets it stun ability back and it's damage, even let it hit stealthed targets in range (rogues), let it be used in any form and not cancelable, and don't let cc make it stop (lock fear). Done - ship it - Boomink back to being viable.

As far as Barkskin and trees talented with brambles, I have yet to see my Barkskin stun any melee(rogues) class beatin the tarnations out of me. Does it even work properly? I have yet to receive a wow explanation.

Lastley, and this may be more a whine on my part, but I want to know why, dammit!

In my pvp gear I have 19000 armor(moonkin form), 22000 health, 909 resilience, and I still die to melee classes in like 3 seconds flat. WHY???? Even throwing barkskin on me at the very begining does little to slow the beating. WHY???

Since moonkins are the least play'd class in the entire game, what harm would come from making us pvp viable? It's not like a rush of millions of people would all create boomkins and go through 80 levels and tedious gearing. I sincerly doubt it would throw off the balance of the game(forgive the pun). It really and truely baffles me why wow cannot get this class correct. It really doesn't seem all that difficult to me. Just do it!!

VA said...

I have a 2nd thought, and all my Boomkins friends will surely understand. Just make Boomkins PVP GODS. Kinda like bosses on the battle field for the opposite faction to get their jollies off.

I swear, we seem to always be the 1st target in battle grounds. I don't know if it's our cute looks or because we stand taller than all the other classes, but every BG I seem to draw masses of the enemy. I feel so unloved. I even tested this theory once and had two healers stand on either side of me as we charged the blacksmith in AB. The 5 horde gaurding the flag and the 10 more that rushed us from the Farm, all went after the cute big feathery lug in the middle. The healers even commented that it took the horde half the fight before they even seemed to notice the healers. So, MAKE US BOSSES in PVP and let the game at least become entertaining for us. Or give us an achievment for the most deaths ever recorded. I'm sure we win in that catagory.