Sunday, March 22, 2009

Moonkin Raiding Basics 4--Cancelled until 3.1

Yup, as the title says. I decided not to push Moonkin Raiding Basic's 4 out just yet. The reason for this is; it was originally going to be me just going over the resto and balance talent three. Which specs to look at, which ones not to and which are just for fun.

However, with 3.1 around the corner, I wanted to change it to 3.1 information which will explain a solar rotation, how to handle it and gear for it. As well if there will be a haste cap with solar or not.

Right now, all this information is still being plugged away by theoreticians, but a certain answer should be ready for 3.1, which I will create a video for those heading into Ulduar.

Sorry for those who were expecting this to come out this week, but I think it would be more beneficial for me to handle information on Ulduar rotations and gear rather then explaining each talent/reading off each talent while people can do it themselves.

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