Monday, March 16, 2009

In the Works! MRB part 4

I figured I'd give everyone an update since a few people have asked me about Part 4 of Raiding Moonkin Basics. So, here it is!

The 4th installment is just going over the talent tree in a deep format. Explaining each talents and what they do for a moonkin. I already have the video done, I just need to do the voice-over. I'm taking my time on it to try and get good takes with little to no background noise and my voice light but not breaking anyone's ears.

I have also been busy since it was a Military Weekend for me and one of my buddies had to make up time for her AT. So she is in town (normally lives 3 hours away) and has been dragging me out to lunch and to bars (Azamath got drunk last night..was entertaining!)

Well, tonight Azamath's friends want to head to the bar for Saint Patty's Day so we are heading out again. So the video is slightly delayed but should be out sometime this week. All depends on how long it takes me to get the voice-over done as well as continue to raid on the PTR so I can keep attendance with my guild.

Anyway, that's all for now, just thought I'd give an update to those curious as to why its not out right now!


VA said...

Foofy, I looked at your armory the other night, and if I may be so bold, I'd like to offer the following.

Your base bonus damage is too low. For what you have accomplished and the gear you have aquired, you should be near +2200 base.

I noticed that you have inferrior enchants and armor enhancements on some of your gear. Get the +30 sp to wrists and +63 to weapon, and the shoulder enchant from sons of Hordir. Also, I would suggest upping your leg enhancement to the +50 SP patch.

Yes they are expensive, but it makes moonkin go boom.

Foofy said...

I guess you didn't notice my set bonus was to lifebloom and not IS right? Thats ok, you aren't the first person to try and criticize me and not notice I was logged out in my resto gear.

Nice try though :)

Anonymous said...

Get 'em Grand!

By all means, keep up the videos. I'm leveling my druid next as soon as I finish getting my warlock to 80, and these have been awesome.

Side note... I need to talk to you in-game when you have a chance. I'll log a level 1 alt after the maintenance today and see if I can catch you. Should only take a minute.