Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Totally OffTopic, but I don't care

Finally, got this damn achievement done! I am now: Foofy! The Immortal!

Yeah, that's right!(server first) Finally got this done after a hunter left aspect of the pack on last week, random people (cough dks) throwing shadow bolts during 4horsemen and chaining the holy damage back to the melee killing everyone, and random bits and ends.

Its over..the headache is over! While I do not have my drake, but most of my guild does (as shown in the picture behind me) I only have 2 achievements left which are going to be done next week with reset. Dedicated Few and negative for Thaddius. Which is done in one shot if you are doing Dedicated Few. Anyway, I did fraps' it and I will be rendering it for my guild's website. But let me just say, it was scary as hell wanting to dps and not dpsing because you was afraid he would mind control just as that starfire went off and then he would turn around and be like "WTF man" and then bitch slap me in the face (I usually have this happen so in the video..I just stand there alot...afraid)

Anyway, just a random update for those at the Moonkin Repository who had been watching over Smo and myself!


Tradyk said...

Grats Foofy!

Anonymous said...

Grats! I'm jealous. :)

Boomdaddy said...

Go Moonkin! Congratulations.

Cdin said...
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Cdin said...

I hate you!

jk. We have been working on this for a long time and it has been heartbreaking. Stupid stuff has always gottens like someone chaining Holy Wrath, or standing in the wrong spot or pulling aggro. We were very close to getting it two weeks ago. We were doing naxx with only 20 people to get the Dedicated Few and were having a great run. We got to KT without a death. Every thing was going fine until just after the adds spawned. The two add tanks got the adds, but then one of the tanks was iceblocked, The other tank grabed the extra adds but then he got mind controled. The Add then when an munched on a healer while the two tanks were coming out of CC.

It sucked.



Cdin said...

I don't hate you anymore. Got mine last night. Woot!!