Monday, March 9, 2009

Moonkin Basics 101 Part 3

(link until movie is done rendering with youtube)

Well, here is number three! A bit later than I wanted to get it out, but with PTR raiding and all that, I think its out just in time. I also wanted to remind people that the Lunar Eclipse in video 2 may change to solar due to 3.1/Uludar. No idea yet how things will work out until all the number crunching is done!

However, for those who are interested in the number crunching, below is Murmurs post from the Druid forums with all the math could you want.

Balance PvE Info for 3.1 Changes--By Murmur

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Andy said...

Hey Foofy thanks for the awesome videos! I went Moonkin for my second time (if you count respeccing to see the dance as soon as the talent was available) just a few months ago. I’m really loving balance and there is still A LOT I don’t know so these videos really help out! Took me six tries to get the Idol of the Shooting Star and was super excited when it dropped last week!

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