Monday, March 30, 2009

Moonkin Raiding Basics 4

Got the mic to work right after someone helped me..(after I got done with the video)

Video will be back up in a bit after I fix the audio!

Now people can rejoice!


Ok, the mic fix did not work. Apparently its just my mic or something else with my system. When I am able, I'll look into a new mic.. though I don't see many other Moonkin Raiding Basics coming out, since most of everything has been covered. Unless you guys can think off the top of your head that needs to be made into a video (No pvp please..dead horse is dead..stop beating it with that stick)


Anonymous said...

I have a question that I can't seem to get answered anywhere in regards to these rotations and our idols - most moonkins have a wrath idol by now bought with the heroism emblems, a few have the starfire one from 25 man Naxx. If you are shooting for a lunar proc (wrath, wrath, until proc then SF until proc runs out - rinse and repeat) then which idol do you use? Technically you are using wrath much more and the +70 dmg I would think be more useful OR do you hold out for the higher SF dmg that you just don't use as often?

Foofy said...

Starfire idol is still better than the Wrath idol due to the coefficient it gives. It scales better than wrath as well. Even though we will be spamming wrath more, during the Wrath cooldown, we will still be spamming Starfire, which is where the idol comes into play and the damage increases more here than just using the wrath idol.

As well as during a bloodlust Starfire is to be used and will be better overall.

Syll said...

Thanks so much for the series of videos! I'm a raiding resto but will be dual speccing in 3.1. Since our guild is healer heavy, it's conceivable that I will be called on to raid DPS on occassion. I needed to get some basics down and the video series was absolutely perfect! =) Love the blog and was happy to add it to my own blogroll at Thanks so much!

Jonas said...

Thank you for these videos. I just found them and have watched all four of them.
They were mostly things i already knew, but it was nice to have clarification on the rotations and glyphs.

As im one of those lucky druids with the starfire idol im using a lunar eclipse-rotation. Happy to hear its better than a solar one on dps.

Trissytops said...

Foofy, you're the best. :) Great video! I'm excited to try out using a solar rotation. Happy Patch Day and hope you had a lovely Easter!

P.S. I can't get TMR to load. Is it just me? /cry