Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Heroic: But I'm on Your side

Seriously blizzard..

Stop making us your red headed step-child. This has gone on long enough!..Oh, don't know what I'm talking about?

Yeah, ok. Gee thanks on this one blizzard. For those who don't know, druids cannot shapeshift and keep costumes. Shapeshifting is part of our job, our class. We need to shapeshift for better healing, DPS, and Tanking/Dps.

I totally want to waste my raid leader's time trying to get this achievement (even if this content is on farm) just to stand in a corner and pretend to dps. Blizzard needs to allow Druids to use costumes again.

Yes, we used to be able to. A long long time ago, before BG's came out, Druids could use an Orb of Deception or Noggen Fogger and go into another form. It was silly seeing a skeleton have a maul animation but it was funny and it worked.

After BGs came to be, people began to QQ about how they couldn't tell what form a druid was in. Hello?! Look at the god damn mana bar under our health! No mana bar? Its empty.. Gee..that means we have no rage. Its yellow! Gasp! We're a kitty! MEOW.

Seriously you (insert bad words) crybabies..this is why I hated blizzard's decision on this issue a long time ago. For people who like to do achievements (while I don't go out of my way, I do enjoy them) we are screwed.

So now, with blizzard having enemy players being able to see buffs on their opponents..why not allow this back into the system? Still having trouble seeing what form I'm in? Maybe this moonkin Icon at the front of my bar needs to be bigger for you.


/end vent


Anonymous said...

They should make it a buff so that when you shift you still have the buff but when you come out of form you retain whatever look the buff gives you.

Syll said...

oh, this drives me nuts too!!! I'm so with you on this one.

p.s. I just tagged you on my blog =)

Lissanna said...

Tagged by me, too!

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