Wednesday, January 7, 2009

'Time-Lost' Proto Drake

As the Title says..Time-Lost. Are you sure about that? Definitely. This game is based to much on numbers to be generated. This is where you hope and pray luck to be on your side. Is it all the time? Hell no. Sometimes yes, but never for some people. I'm one of those people. I admit, I'm a mount whore. Even though I'm a druid and I have the Shapeshifting abilities no other class has..I barely use it.

Sure, instant mounting is fun, but I enjoy seeing the other mounts out there. Staring at a bird form all day isn't my cup of tea. Personally, I've been collecting since Tauren were able to ride wolves. I was so happy when that patch came out. I grinded the rep so fast..which was hard back then. (I feel so old saying that)

Anyway..back to this. With Wrath of The Lich King out...A new mount type has been added. Proto Drakes! Hurray...right? Wrong. These things actually take work to get. Its not like Netherdrakes where you can just quest and gain rep then get one at the end of the grind. Oh no, you need to work for these babies. You can get them from achievements which requires a group of 5 or more people. So great..have to rely on people to get something. Love you blizzard. Thanks for that.

Or you can hope RNG loves you with the Mysterious Egg! Its a 7 day cooldown after getting reveered with the Oracles. You can get a mount from it which has about 3-4% drop rate. I'm personally going on my 5th egg now trying to get this thing. Then you have Heroic Utrgarde Pinnacle's rare mount drop. A Blue Proto Drake which has a chance to drop off the 3rd boss. It has a low drop rate but everyone has one! Everyone but me. I ran that thing for 4 weeks everyday and got nothing. Luck based RNG...Told ya so!

Then we have the best one yet. The Time-Lost Proto Drake! This guy's name speaks for itself. You can sit there for days and days on end..and never see a thing. Once you leave..someone else gets it. I have personally sat for over 34 hours watching for this guy. Nothing spawned. I know his spawns and his pathing. But nothing! One day for a Tuesday Maintence they decided to only do rolling restarts. Every Tuesday I usually log on to look and wait for him until I get to work or do something else.

Well, the alarm went off and I was dead tired..I decided..34 hours and I finally got some sleep..he shouldn't spawn within the next 4 hours of me catching up on rest...right? Boy was I wrong. I logged in to be laughed at by a guildie who told me he watched him spawn and get killed by someone else. In the same spot I always sit. So, after slamming my head against my desk I decided I should take a break. That only lasted a few days before I sat for another several hours on end. However it was strange this time as nothing, no Time-Lost or even his rare spawn friends. Apparently the GM's had broken it when they did the Mage Spellsteal Fix for Naxx and refused to admit to it. So I had spent another 30+hours sitting out there for nothing.

Of course this reset came around and he spawned 1 hour before I got home from work. Thats ok though, I'll get him eventually. Least I know I should feel proud riding him since I actually had to work for it. I just wish I had the luck of those guys who got it when they wasn't even looking for it.

If only...

22 days and counting!


Anthony said...

I just found out about this thing today, and I was planning on spending a good portion of this evening searching for it.

Thanks for your enlightening words of encouragement :)

Best of luck to you.

L. Williams said...

Well, I hate to be 'that guy' but I found out about this last week (as I left my main on my old server and re-rolled Alliance on Borean Tundra for all the content and realm firsts). That druid has been 80 for a week now and I finally set time aside to go look for this rare spawn.

Get ready with your HATE stick... I flew to Bor's and there she was - drifting along her flight path with no one around. easy kill and I got my mount.

Sorry to hear about your frustration...

If it is any consolation, I got the headless Horseman mount on my first trip there on my main so maybe Blizz just likes me...