Friday, January 9, 2009

More Improved FF Testing

Update: Ghostcrawler responded to the question in regards to IMP FF working with FF

I am almost positive the talent is looking at your spells. So if you cast Wrath, it does a check to see if you also have FF up on the target.

The intent of the talent is to encourage you to cast Faerie Fire, compensating you a little for the fact that you are debuffing the target. It isn't intended to just be "here have some crit." The intent is that if you cast FF, even if the debuff is already on the mob, you are rewarded for it.

I suspect it isn't smart enough to detect Feral Faerie Fire now that it's a base spell, so we should probably fix the case of a Balance druid who casts FFF and then goes back to Wrath or whatever.

I am just guessing based on the way spells usually work. I did not try this myself so I could be wrong.

I will also admit that there are some inconsistencies currently in the game between whether you are supposed to apply a debuff again on a mob that already has it (because sometimes you get a "More Powerful Spell" error). This is something we're trying to clean up though.


So its apparently a bug, but the game doesn't recognize it as such? Is there a way we could keep it? With all the replenishers in the raid, we have no mana issues. No reason to fix what isn't really broken..

Now back to your original viewing program!

My first post ever in this blog (which is still on the front page) was talking about why not just take Imp FF for the 3% crit if you have the points left over? Well, even if you read the tooltip, its a tad bit confusing.

Improved Faerie Fire (Rank 3): Your Faerie Fire spell also increases the chance the target will be hit by spell attacks by 3%, and increases the critical strike chance of your damage spells by 3% on targets afflicted by Faerie Fire.

It requires your spell to be active on the boss for the 3% to hit, but as you read, it says it also increases your spell critical strike chance by 3% on targeted afflicted by Faerie Fire. So does that mean it doesn't need to be our own? From the wording, it sounds like it can be anyone's. But everyone is different when it comes to trying to understand the last sentence.

We did testing on this while it was in Beta. Bullocks had tested it and saw that is apparently worked off a Feral's FF. While he just kinda blurted it out, it made others think. Wisprunner who is another avid Moonkin Theorycrafter didn't believe it so stated there was no justification for taking 3/3 IMP FF unless you needed to make yourself and the raid hitcapped.

However, being the hard-head I am, I challenged Wisp. I provided the numbers, he did the math. Below are the numbers I presented him.

0 hit
2.66%Crit Rating (include 4% for my talent tree)
16 Bonus Damage
Casting Wrath 150 times for each test
Test 1 - No FF - 150 casts, 11 crits, 7.3%
Test 2 - Feral FF on dummy - 150 casts, 15 crits, 10%
Test 3 - Moonkin FF on dummy - 150 casts, 11 crits, 7.3%

While these tests are small, they still got people to think. Either way, Wisp took my numbers and began to crunch. Being that 3% is so hard to detect with the RNG, it was hard to get any real yes or no answer. However, his results pointed in the direction that yes...It works off Feral FF. A few others of course looked over the test results and have come to the same conclusion.

Wisp went as far as sending the numbers to a friend for a better conclusion( Some math major) which pointed to yes as well. I went as far as to petition a GM in the game and ask. After about 20 minutes talking back and forth about the talent and how playing a moonkin was like, he abandonded me for another 20 minutes before giving me an answer saying it was.

Now, usually..I would be like "Oh, I don't trust GM's. They know nothing about the game they are supposed to supervise." But this guy actually knew what I was talking about. I talked to him about the invisible buff to your haste which is Improved Moonkin form and Celestial Focus. He understood them all and responded to me in a fashion that would probably have made Wisp blush.

Either way, he stated as well that it worked. But people are still curious since numbers are pointing to yes but never giving a definate answer due to the way the numbers are layed. (Those wondering, its an infinite number, like was for me when I did the its never reaching the 3% qouta) So we are looking for GhostCrawler to be our friend and respond. However being how he is, GC has refused to respond to any questions in regards to this talent.

If you would like to join in our thread hoping to get a response from him, please feel free to respond asking for a straight answer in the read posted below. Until then, I will post the real math later on when Wisp wants to hand it over. I think hes trying to keep it away from me because I refuse to ever let it go. :)

Thanks for reading!

Foofy, over and out!

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