Monday, January 12, 2009

So what really happened?

There are always 3 sides to the story. The first person who tries to make a point, the second who tries and withstand it, and the third...The Truth. I don't think this post will hold any truth since there really is no third person on it all. So its going to go by my standpoint. Take it as you will. Not saying its completely wrong or right.

Everyone has those moments in the game where they lose interest in the game. Be it PVP, or PVE..or people just getting bored with the game itself. With the game being rushed out to meet the needs of the consumer, many high end raiding guilds have found themselves waiting around for the Uldar patch so they can test themselves once again.

Other guilds slowly die away. Those who weren't strong enough at the start of Wrath really begin to feel the weight bare down on them like a ton of bricks on some guy's head. Either way, it decided to happen to the guild I was in.

After being recruited as a Resto Shaman then asked to change to my moonkin after they kicked their current moonkin out..I got into Theorycrafting. I will always thank the GM for that. however, as time went, they found out I was an open person. I didn't like to sit idly by on alot of issues. I liked to be heard. I'm sure a alot of people do in this instance. However, I apparently was never told anything real serious on the matter. Just a few "Shut ups" which happened even if I didn't talk. It was more if I said a peep in vent or guild chat.

Our Officers weren't really there for anyone. If any, one was. He took over when our GM decided to take a vacation from the game. He handled anything and everything while the others sat around and did nothing. One even added to the issues but was never confronted about it. In the end, while the GM was on vacation, people began to fight. Why wouldn't they? It looked like their GM, their fearless leader who had had them transfer to another server with their own money just to stay in the guild had left them.

So, people got angry, words were said, people were on edge. Its human nature and yeah, it sucks sometimes. Either way, all that was said and done, the GM decided to reform the guild to his perfect standard. He kicked pretty much anyone and everyone who wasn't there for the SSC/TK days of the guild.

While some people got an explaination, others didn't. Some were kicked when they weren't even online. while he may do things his own way, I would have atleast sent them a letter, or demoted them until they were online so I could explain the reason for kicking. But of course, this always ends in drama.

While people know I'm open minded and will speak my mind (which is apparently why I was removed) I have received nothing but great comments from people within the guild and outside the guild, as well as my faction on how awesome a person I am and how I shouldn't let this put me down. Only people who are really trying to put me down are the GM and an Officer or two. However, I don't really mind. I told them how I felt, thanked them for letting me join as well as showing me theorycrafting and I'm on my way looking for a new home.

I wish them luck either way. So what if my personality and the GM's didn't work out well. Everyone has their own opinions, and we all pay our 15 a month to play this game. I just refused to sit there, idly on my hands watching as things happened. And for those wondering, other people got kicked for opening their mouths as well when things where wrong.

I really however look up to the top Horde guild on my server. After speaking with their Moonkin several times, its nice to see a guild that allows members to speak up, even if in an asshatious way that will allow people to see if they are doing wrong or right.

Well, thats it for now. See you guys when we finally get an Update from Ghostcrawler!

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