Thursday, November 3, 2011

Resto Druids in trouble for 4.3?

We all know Wild Growth is getting nerfed. They are hitting our glyph and our spell. At first I was outraged. We're getting nothing in terms of compensation for this. No tank cooldown, no new fancy spell. Nada.

Blizzard just thought we were completely Overpowered and just needed to be slammed with the bat. Now, we all agree Wild Growth was OP. We know it. But its what we had. Its all we have. Healing per second.

We have no tank cooldown to toss around and make ourselves more of a use. We throw hots, Battle ress the baddie who stood in fire and clap hands. This is our job.

I played on the PTR for a bit. I still log on to do PTR raids with my guild, but lately I've been logging them to see how its all going. 5mans and 10mans felt a bit chunky but fine. Then we got to 25man and I died inside. The scale quickly shifted from being even with Paladins and Priests to being completely demolished by them. Apparently I'm not the only one to see this though.
So, at first I thought I was going crazy. Maybe it was just me? Maybe there is going on with something in the log. I had several people link recount (which its ptr, numbers are always different due to the alpha version they are using) but it said the same thing. Paladin, Priest, Paladin, then a couple thousand HPS lower, Druid's.  The sad thing is, my hots had no chance to tick through half the healing being dealt by the other healers.
I feel as if we just lost our ability to do what we need to. With the double nerfbat from Blizzard, the hit to WG has hurt us, not to mention they buffed the other classes leaving us in the dust.  I went to the forums for some reading. Maybe someone on the PTR has spoken out since my PTR Resto Druid Discussion thread? Well, no one has.  I did however check the healing forums and found that Blood Legion has noticed this. So thank god I'm not going crazy. Holy Radiance is really that well buffed. Now I look at Wild Growth with a sad face everytime I log on PTR when the GM says its time to boss test.

By Affinity, 85 Restoration Druid - Blood Legion
Druid HPS is either being matched or beaten by priests/paladins (and in the case of Ultraxion shaman are outhealing us). In the instances where priests (both disc and holy) are matching or beating us in HPS there is zero benefit to taking a resto druid when the priest brings both utility and tank/raid cooldowns.

Druids need SOMETHING. We either need to somewhat revert the nerf to WG (either the glyph or the HPS itself) or give us something so we remain competative. In the current form we won't be bringing any druids to the vast majority of fights (save ooze boss, which I will prob be on the druid due to lol lb clearcast regrowth tree form during mana phases), and we would be bringing ~3 priests to each fight.

Appreciate the hard work with the fights, they are seriously pretty great -- but healer balancing needs help.

Shaman outpace druids on this fight with green buff (both have green, shaman basically just keeps Healing Rain down), and my alt priest is doing significantly larger amounts of healing (2x+++ healing) on this fight in particular.

I am going to have to say, I agree. I've noticed it. Now I hope other people are noticing this too and will speak up for the Devs can see. Maybe if Blizzard would revert half the nerf it wouldn't be so bad. However, I feel the extra buff to the other healing classes are what are now pushing us down. So maybe scrap the nerf all together? I dunno, hard to say as I haven't done any real math on this and what I am saying is all in my opinion. Nothing more, nothing less.

However, I would love to see more logs of other Resto Druids in a 25man setting on the PTR. So if you have logs on the PTR of 25man Boss fights, send them my way please :D

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