Saturday, October 8, 2011

So, I was messing around on the PTR like I normally do when I'm bored. Sit outside the Transmog area and see what creativity people have. Head outside Stormwind and watch the duels. Go check up on the Under Attack Spam of Goldshire every now and then. You know, just something to do.

However, while I was standing on top of the Goldshire inn, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. A Moonkin and Holy Paladin were dueling. Sure, its something real boring to watch but that isn't what caught my eye. The Moonkin was dropping Wild Mushrooms. They looked different. They had a red glow around them while they pulsed away before being exploded.

I was curious as to what it was. I had them targeted but silly me never screenshotted them. I should have though. I wanted to try and re-enact those shrooms of his. I figured at the top of my head it was a new graphic maybe to show they were empowered (solar). However, that wasn't it. So I tried every possible thing I could think of. putting the shrooms down then going solar. Being in Lunar and dropping them, dropping them with lunar shower up. So I don't know. Maybe I am going crazy now a days with boredom. So yeah. If you have seen these, make me feel better by saying so. I don't want to feel like a luney all day.

As for random things from the PTR. Wild Mushrooms are big. I suppose its another thing of boredom. Just looking for stuff to get in to or just a little closer at things you see on a daily basis. I blame the fact I always drop my mushrooms when I am made to go Moonkin far away from myself. So they always look tiny. But hey, at least I seem to be rediscovering the game.

Another thing! Blizzcon Planning!

Lissanna contacted me earlier today to try and set up our Blizzon Meet times. I felt really bad because of how many people from my guild are going and want to hang out with me and Azamath. Then we have Rawrcast who want to hang out as well. I have some people from The Moonkin Repository and man, I didn't know I was so wanted! That or they just want to walk up and slap me in the face. I'm good for either. So for those who are going and wish to meet me, the best times to come look for me would be after Blizzcon or during it.

Me and Azamath are going a Day early and leaving a day late. We will be arriving in California and having dinner with our GM on Wed Night (19th). Thursday of course will be Line-con. Probably be hanging out with guildmates and Rawrcast there and for that night. Friday will be when I'll hopefully get to hang with TMR and Lissanna. Saturday Night will be a guildies night of farewells and whatnot. Sunday me and Aza will probably be hanging out with our GM again since hes from that area. Getting our pictures developed because we don't want to bring the digital camera for a cross country trip.

Monday will be our final day there. We'll have lunch before heading to the Airport to deal with the long trip home. So if anyone is staying late like we are, I'm happy to hang out! I'm just happy to go this year. I'm a Blizzcon Virgin and its nice to celebrate the game that brought me and Azamath together.

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