Friday, July 22, 2011

Shave the Fur and Go to Blizzcon!

The min/maxer in me went Worgen. But the lol-lorest went "WTF ARE YOU THINKING WOMAN!?" So, I shelled out $25 to go Night Elf. I seem to spend alot of money on this game just to enjoy it. Sad thing is, I find amazing amusement of just RP Walking anywhere I go. Earlier today I started at the start of Hyjal near the world Tree and ended at the fallen bridge into Winterspring.

Also, I am apparently being hunted down with some jellyfish with vicious stingers, along with some Delicious sounding Trout (I'm hungry :< )

A few people didn't like me going Alliance. Its definitely something new. Its pretty "bright" over here. But the Hordie is still in me. I've had so many chances to just gank someone on my server for being Flagged and questing, but I won't do it. I just can't. I just wanna run up to them and hug them like "Don't disown me Brah!"

Continuing on, Me and my Husband Azamath are counting down. We're going to Blizz-con this year and its a welcomed trip. The nerd in me will tell you right now.. I see this as the honeymoon we never had. We meet on this game and if it wasn't for this game..may have never meet. (OH MY YOU ARE A NERD...LOLOLOL)

Anyway, trolling soon to come aside, I can't wait to meet up with several people. I found out Lissa is going this year along with several other people from my guild and throughout the Resto, Feral, and Moonkin community.

Lets just hope someone doesn't ask about Boobs on a Moonkin this year for the Q&A. If I get the guts, I'll probably ask a question however. If I don't fail and get to nervous, it will be something probably along the lines of our Tank Cooldown Blizzard said they wanted to give us over the Tranquility change we have now. Afterall, Blizzard is buffing raid healing for other healers. As more buffs come, I suspect a tank cooldown will come our way. I just really really hope its not Barkskin being able to be casted on the tank.

I hope to meet some of you there, if you wanna meet me that is. I don't expect anyone to really come looking for me, but I'm so friendly I'll just go say hi to everyone :D


Allorah - Ysera said...

About time you went Alliance! And TBH shadowmeld has been more help to me than the worgen racials lol.

Allorah - Ysera

Anonymous said...

nice screenie!