Monday, April 4, 2011

Who, what, where, why?

I like to look at the Recruitment forum to try and get people who would be good raiders to app. I use Wow Lemmings, LFguild, and more. However, I do have people who apparently stalk me. One of those has asked me about joining his guild for about 2 years now. He always brings in the progression to the loop, saying Reawaken isn't what it used to be, I could get free gear; etc.

He even says they would have a main spot for my Husband Azamath since hes been bugged by a few random whispers himself to join guilds. Of course, we both have. I maybe got 2 this month, which is new. In Wrath I got like 4+ A month when my guild was going through the Rut of Heroic Lich 25man bailers.

Anyway, I have thought about a few of the offers, but only when the guild itself was having trouble. You know the usual, people not logging on. Chain Dcing on pulls from the same people. Constant bad play on people who should know better and seem like they have just given up.

But I've stuck through it all. I joined Reawaken after being kicked from Novus Chalybs for apparently being to "Out Spoken" since I would tell the GM he was wrong, when he was. Or tell officers to treat people with respect. After all, there are people, real people behind that screen when you log in. So, in a time frame, I would say about Feb 2008 was when me and Aza app'd and got accepted.

We've been with them since. I love the atmosphere here. There is no nerd screaming when something goes wrong. Finger pointing as in "THAT FUCKER OVER THERE WIPED US" Its a really calm environment which I really don't ever want to give up. The GM Dentulmoka/Lokoshkan is definitely his own person. If he gets mad, he gets sarcastic. Which is pretty fucking funny at times. He still however gets his point across. While we raid 5 days a week and other guilds now adays raid less and get more done; I don't care. I'm happy with the progression. Its probably because we're laid back.

I also can't see not raiding 5 days. I've done it for 6 years now. It keeps me entertained. When we put ICC on farm and would raid 1 day a week, I got REALLY bored with the game. So, why am I posting all of this? Well, like I said; I apparently have stalkers who keep wanting me to come join their raids. Most want me as a Resto druid; a few want me as a Moonkin (Sorry, wont go moonkin again. I hate the new eclipse with a passion)


If Reawaken were to Fall?

I don't think Reawaken is going anywhere for a long time. Only way I would see the Guild itself implode is if Dentulmoka decided to quit.


I personally wouldn't feel right raiding under anyone else. Like I said, Dentulmoka is his own personality you won't find anywhere else. I'm more than certain other raiders would do the same. We already had a recruit state this is the best raiding atmosphere he was ever been in. And its the same for me. However, if Dentulmoka ever decided to quit the game. I more than likely wouldn't stick around. The guild just wouldn't be the same without him. I probably will take some time off the game to decide if I want to keep playing or find a new guild. I know my Husband will probably continue to play. He however is very picky about where and how he would go to a new guild.

Say the guild does Implode? What next?

Its very unlikely as I said, but should something ever happen, I would definitely push going alliance. I've been horde since the start, unless you count about a month as a Night Elf Hunter named Gladis who didn't make it past level 40.

I would want to see some new Scenery, ya know? 6 years of Orgrimmar, 6 years of smelly undead clouding up the streets. Sure, gnomes aren't much better, but I would be in range to punt them anytime of the day instead of only being able to do it during BGs.  I enjoy the lore on both sides, so this is why I would want to try something new. However, Azamath hates the Alliance. I wanted to see how bad.

When the new guild transfer feature was brought up, I was like "So, hun..What would you do if Dentulmoka decided to take the guild to the Alliance side? Would you follow?" He refused to give a straight answer. It was like trying to pull teeth. Hes been a Troll since the start and wants to remain that way. So I'm stuck in between and rock and a tree if something were to ever happen.

Are you happy right now?

Fuck yeah I'm happy. I've enjoyed my time in Reawaken since the start. I even try to help out with recruiting to make sure we keep moving forward. If I didn't like it here, I would have jumped ship ages ago. The atmosphere, raiders, officers, the way loot is handled..everything. I love it all.

I'm not going anywhere for a long long time. They have to kick me to get rid of me. Seriously, no joke! I hope to continue my time in Reawaken and enjoy the friends I've made in there. We still have the same core (15 or so) people since I joined which makes me happy. Sure you got the kids that join and leave a few months later, but when a large amount of people stick around for years; then you know you got something great going on!


Niague said...

cant help but noticing, but are you using TukUI

Anonymous said...

Always fun to have reliable fokls for raid D: