Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gearing; alt'ing, and recruiting!

Figured I would give an update to everything that is going on. Right now, my guild is still working its way through the rest of the Heroic modes. Of course, several members are being asked by random level 1's if they are happy with their guild. Its mostly the same guild trying for our members. I stood there and watched as they sent my husband a tell. Was interesting...

But Reawaken is still going strong, even if we had a setback due to work for people in the guild. Its life. It happens. We are working on recruiting which should actually be filled by the start of the new raid week; because I am awesome and actually try and look for people.

I hate just responding with my guild recruitment spam. I like to try and contact them in game or send them an in game mail if need be; usually if they aren't on. Show I'm highly interested. Its worked out great so far.  So we should be at 100% by Tuesday if all goes well :D

As for alts. I'm still leveling my hunter. I took a break from her. Still trying to level my Undead Priest and my Night Elf Druid at the same time. But my God, I still can't stand Northrend :(

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Anonymous said...

Hahah Northrend is cold cold cold.

Best of luck with's a pain.