Saturday, October 23, 2010

Looking For Good Feral Resource sites

I've looked around, found a few; but I'm sure there are more out there. I'm looking to be spoiled just like I have been with moonkin and resto.

What I am looking for in the site:

Stat Caps

Hit needed
Agi cap (if so)
AP cap (if so)
BiS Gear List (current)
Starter BiS list (current)
Proper addon listings

Basic stuff. I want to start up a feral set for myself. With the changes to moonkin and me thinking Highly of going resto for Cata. I want to drop moonkin as my offspec. I've been a moonkin for years, and well...while the eclipse change is nice, I hate the fact I "GOTTA CHARGE MY LASERS" right now before I can do anything real worthwhile in pvp besides make people QQ about Solar beam (c wut i did thar?)

So, if you got any good websites besides EJ, link them to me! I will be happy to thank you :D (even if its a shameless plug)


Anette Henriksen said...

Have you looked at BigBearBlogger ? :)

He had loads of info, atleast what i subscribe and read about :) loads of links to talents and gear etc, tough everything got changed in the patch :P

Shinryu said...

Kalon's blog is simply the best I've ever ran across, he also blogs about bears as well if you're ever interested in tanking. He puts out loot lists, theorycrafting, you name it. And if it helps, he's on a highly ranked guild on his server as well:

Shinryu said...

Oh, and for addons, I've ran with Ovale along with the script written in this EJ thread:

But at minimum for an addon, you'll want at the least some sort of timer to watch your bleeds and CDs, Cat DPS is easier than before I think with the more forgiving changes in place, but it still has some tricks in it.

Another addon you could try is Feral By Night, which is another move predictor of sorts with the timers and all, make sure to look for the most recently updated one as there's an old old one out there that's out of date. A Lite FBN verison also exists, apparently the original is full of unnecessary coding or something, so FBN Lite simplifies it.

And finally, obligatory picture of the cat rotation for laughs:

(also, this is the same Shinryu from TMR :P)

C Randy said...

Great site for all your Bear and kitty needs.

Maebius said...

also, from the forums and WHY THE HECK IS IT NOT STICKIED YET...

Go Reesi!

Jay Hagar said...

I know this is old but you should check out Alaron at:

Not only are his posts good, but he has forums attached to the site which are visited by some very smart ferals. Most of us are very willing to answer questions with fast turn around time.