Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A large weight off my shoulders

Its done..its over.

Heroic Lich King is now Dead.



We was getting him to 40% before the patch, then it hit and our healers had a hard time healing infest with the new bubble changes. After wiping terribly on Monday in phase 1 constantly. Loko asked all our healers to take a look at a parse where healers kept everyone up and they won.

Apparently it worked. We lived every phase 1 through infest. We got him to 44%, then 39%..then 33% into 28%

Then it was a kill. A flawless kill. We had great defiles, valks didn't fuck us over, and when they did pick up an infest healer, druids were on task with tranquility.

God it felt so good! I couldn't breath while we was working from 20% to 10%. But its over now. All server firsts are taken. We took ICC with dominance just like Ulduar and ToGC. We missed out on Alagon and Heroic RS, but thats ok. And those wondering about 10mans, I don't count them. But we did kill heroic 10man lich first too.

Grats to everyone who was there and a huge


To those raiders who jumped servers looking for greener pastures..


Moonra said...

gratz!!! :) It's nice to finish this bit of Wrath just before an other expansion

pseudostudent said...

Grats on holding it together and getting him down! Way to go.

- Antoniolo (Boat Times) on Staghelm-US

Llani said...

Whoooop! Congrats Foofy!