Friday, October 29, 2010

Lets Rename!

I'm looking towards those who read this blog to help me with a slight problem I am having. I am sticking with my druid come cata. I'm going to be Resto/Feral. I'm more than likely going Troll and well, I wish to rename. I need to think of a good Troll Druid name that isn't overused already.

What I do want
1) Something Original
2) A female Name
3) A Druid/Troll Theme'd name (Leaf, Tusk)

What I DO NOT want
1) Stupid names
2) Names spelled incorrectly just to seem original
3) Any names with Voodoo, Spell names (Starsurge, Moonfire, Eclipse), or Hex in it.

Names I've come up with so far (looking for feedback on these)
1) LeafTusk
2) RaveDusk
3) Xieri
4) Yuvjin

Tell me what you think of the names I've come up with and which you think I should take, or submit your own idea! As soon as Troll's are available to become Druids, I'll be race changing and will want to rename on the spot.


Suggested Names
1) Duskleaf
2) DuskBane
3) Xeraji
4) Windstalker
5) Dreamstalker
6) Starmist
7) Ravendusk/Ravenmist
8) DreamBane


Rabidwargamer said...

Mixing two of the names you have... Duskleaf

Anonymous said...

I like the suggestion of Duskleaf. It sounds pretty. If you don't take it, I might have to rename Katje when I switch her over to troll boomkin.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say... If you like Katje, you can have it. It's basically Dutch for "kitty".

Natalie said...

I like Duskleaf a lot.
But, other options:

Xeraji (flows well)
Windstalker (more shamanistic)
Dreamstalker (seems a bit evil...)
Starmist (more night elf...)
Ravendusk/Ravenmist (depends on how much you like birds...)

I'll try to think of some more!

Shinryu said...
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Shinryu said...

For your classical Troll name, don't forget the ', preferably inserted strategically somewhere in the middle (note I have no clue if the game lets you throw a ' in the name, but hell if it lets you throw in numbers, may as well try?). For example, let's look at our most well known Troll, Zul'jin of the amani: notice the nicely located '? This also goes as well if you look at the Darkspear leader, Vol'jin.

So in your examples, you'd have Leaf'Tusk, Rave'Dusk, Xi'eri, and Yuv'jin (I like the last one personally, that just sounds troll to me). If you're a lore nerd like me, here's a nice wowpedia link that explains conventional troll naming: