Wednesday, July 7, 2010

RealID- Blizzard Forums

Its a talked about Topic, and I'm just going to keep this short and sweet.

My main account was banned for trolling, mainly for pissing off another troll who was spamming the druid forums. I post my on husband's account, which he is fine with. He is however not fine with the RealID. Only reason why he uses it is to send me messages in game when I'm on my alliance toon asking me to get him a sandwich.

Either way, I will not be posting on the Blizz forums anymore. Its a breach of my husband's privacy if I do, and even if I had my own account..seeing real names instead of character names just ruins the MMO feel to me.


Lissanna said...

I'm hoping we can expand the moonkin repository in a way where I can just spend all my time there instead of the official WOW forums.

Foofy said...

I think thats a great idea! Personally, I wont be a moonkin come Xpac. Being foofy for over 5years has kinda killed the spark of the game for me. I'm going to be my dk and tank come xpac to get a new version of the game going for myself.

So a new mod would be great since I'll probably be retiring or not uptodate completely in the moonkin community.

Anonymous said...

Similar feelings, here, though I actually like the RealID in game messaging-- mostly because it really is optional. It's great for having my friends page me when I'm on an Alliance alt on another server if there's something interesting going on.

I'd make some changes to it, though... The "friends of friend" thing wouldn't be visible unless you allowed it, and I would have a "privacy" setting for when you don't want to use it.

But I'm not looking forward to folks on the forums seeing my real name whether I like it or not... So if this is implemented, I will not be posting. And if heaven forbid this goes any further, I might have to switch to another MMO.