Thursday, February 4, 2010

Whats going on lately?

First all, let me say this.

I am:

  • Not the best moonkin around
  • Not the smartest Theorycrafter
  • Lazy as hell with numbers
  • Angry over stupid stuff
With that out of the way, time to get on with this post. This will be a rant because well, I'm a tad bit ticked. Lately there have been alot of "My dps sucks! Please help!" posts going around on both EJ, TMR, and the WoW Druid forums. Curious, I always click these. The problems usually range as follows:

  • Bad gearing
  • Bad Gems
  • Not hitcapped
  • Bad Talents
  • Wrong Glyphs
These are the common things. Several months ago when Ulduar came out, it was normally along the lines of people just getting used to the new rotations and whatnot. Now its as if people just don't read anymore. Or so I thought.... There is a Basic's Raiding sticky, people read it. But after reading the Wow Forums lately, alot of wrong information is given.

Most people say "Read the stickies". Most people wont. Which is why I made the Raiding Basic's Video. Alot of people hate to read but rather have someone tell them what to do. Thus the video series. So when someone comes into a thread giving wrong info after someone above them posts to read the stickies..who do you think the original poster will listen too? Thats right..the info given. And over 80% of that info is wrong.

A very common thing people are saying is: "You are over hitcap, drop Balance of Power and put points elsewhere"

Well, here is a question, where would you put those points? Why would you waste money in a gear shift that will make you have to pick those points back up? Gale winds really going to do that much on a Raid boss? Or are you that concerned about trash? I'm also seeing people picking up Genesis. Why? Really? I wonder this. Then I came across another post saying to pick it up because of the dot damage.

In a Min/max spec, sure, people can pick up Genesis. But only 1 point of it. With all 5, its barely a 1% dps increase which means its a really bad talent for Balance Druids, however great for resto druids. Onto Gemming which can be tricky depending on what you look forward to do.

A basic thing you can do if you don't fully understand gemming is get your Chaotic Meta, 2 purified and then gem all pure spellpower. Easy, very easy. For those who understand other gems such as Reckless and Potent Ametrines, these can be used to grab socket bonuses. Some people however enjoy using all pure gems such as Quick King Amber's and Smooth King's. These are a no no.

Only pure gem a moonkin will ever want to use is the Runed Cardinal. Because of this, here is a list of what follows with what gems you should use and how to use them should you wish to go for socket bonuses:

Red: Runed Cardinal
Purple: Purified Dreadstone
Orange/Yellow: Potent Ametrine/Reckless Ametrine

A basic misconception is when to use haste over Crit. Use this formula below to figure it out.

Hit>Spellpower> Haste (until 401)>Crit

After 401


Another issue is Gearing. Several moonkin are becoming highly spirit heavy and wondering why they don't have much spellpower. Well, while we do have a spirit conversion with IMP Moonkin form, it doesn't mean spirit is something we want to pick up. While Spirit > Stam in term of gemming and enchants, its not something you want to pick up over spellpower, haste, or crit.

Another thing is glyphs. Several moonkin are starting to use Glyph of Focus and/or Innervate. These are not good choices. There are 4 glyphs a moonkin should use. Starfire, Moonfire, and Starfall/Insect Swarm. You shouldn't have mana problems this late in the game unless you are just starting off as a fresh level 80. With the new Triumph badge system through heroics, its easy to upgrade gear.

A final note, A major issue I am noticing is moonkin who think they know what they are doing, then have guildmates posting on alts on forums asking if they should be doing such and such damage? Or because of it moonkin are labeled Failkin again. Most moonkin have worked hard to get a spot in a raiding guild. Hell, some guilds still won't allow moonkin to this day due to bad moonkin making their experience terrible and getting a stero-type out there that the moonkin tree is terrible.

While Moonkin aren't the best mobile dps'ers, we can still pull our weight in a raid. However, those who give us a bad name as usually the ones who refuse to read up on anything and feel they just know it off the bat. Its these that cause the bad image. So, please remind yourself this, there is always someone better than you out there (Even I know this and I have talked to those better than me), find out what they are doing to achieve numbers (Without massive modifiers like Tricks of The trade, Focus Magic, PI..etc). Don't be afraid to constantly learn. Learning is a good thing! Yes, I know its a video game, but in a raiding guild, its everyone's job to know what they are doing or no one has fun wiping to the same boss over and over.


There are still people out there who don't know what they are doing when it comes to the moonkin spec. Not everyone has right information and not all information is wrong. Read the stickies before going to random people for help.

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Maestro said...

Yeah, I hear you Foofy!

I'm almost at the point where I don't respond to "Help my DPS threads" that don't ask for some type of review of a combat log.

Resisting the urge to nerd-rage over this, people need to go look up some information before asking. If they don't do your research, they'll be right back here holding out their hand asking us what's wrong with their toon. And you know why? Because they never actually learned what was going on with the class mechanics.

And it's not that we are smarter than the average moonkin. Maybe we're just more interested in why, but I'm positive that the day will come when someone reaches out their hand and I whip out my machete to fix the problem.

ok, so there was a little rage.

RTFM (or sticky). Lazy.