Thursday, December 3, 2009

For Those who keep asking (Eclipse buff)

People keep asking me for the info, but its all over the internet. Mainly TMR. So I'm just going to copy and paste it here in the blog so I don't have to keep responding to emails!

Eclipse now increases damage done by Wrath by 40% (up from 30%) and the critical chance of Starfire by 40% (up from 30%)

Smo: Xiera, I'm not seeing how this is a massive buff. This is going to counteract WiseEclipse, I'm not seeing the overall gain as being bigger then ~2% at most, quite possibly less

Xiera: Smo, this essentially allows us to keep our 2T8 bonus while moving on to newer and better bonuses on newer and better gear. For the immediate future, that means we get 2T8 added to our 4T9 model (viewed one way) or we get 4T9 and the stat increases added to our 2T8 model (viewed another way). That seems pretty significant to me and it should remain strong in ICC.

This will more than compensate for WiseEclipse breaking.

Smo: It's probably a 5% dps increase. However, losing WiseEclipse is probably a ~4% decrease.

I am still not seeing how this becomes more then a 1-2% dps buff. Good? Yes. Significant? Yes. But not as big as you seem to be saying.

Xiera: Useless implies that it's no longer useful. Actually, that's kind of a definition, not even an implication. The cap you are talking about is a SOFT cap, far from rendering crit useless. Yes, that extra crit will be "useless" during those 15 seconds, but it will still be very useful for the remainder of the rotation, including the highest-DPS portion of our rotation -- solar Eclipse.

You also seem to be forgetting that WiseEclipse is now broken. You could try to time your last Starfire during lunar Eclipse to catapult you directly into solar Eclipse, but most of us will be casting Starfires outside of lunar Eclipse, at which point that extra crit is still very much useful for Starfire. Similarly, haste is NOT useless for Wrath. Nature's Grace does not have a 100% uptime, so your Wrath will still benefit from haste over the soft cap a good portion of the time.

I'm still expecting another small buff to Eclipse. It would not surprise me if they upped the proc chance for lunar from 60% to 70% to compensate for the impact that movement has on our rotation. 15 seconds isn't a very long time when you're moving, and if we're experiencing high Eclipse downtime (which we can be in some fights), they may buff the proc chance to compensate. Anyways, that's just speculation. The point is that this is a satisfactory buff that goes far beyond "compensating" for WiseEclipse and gives us a fighting chance on the charts. It doesn't solve everything, but it will make us more competitive.

Jassar: Im going to have to throw my lot in with smo here.

Of the 10% increase to eclipse... just say 8% is what we were losing on our old t8. this plus the additional stat points of the t9 plus the 4t9 bonus offsets that in a more than adequate way. so what you're left with is the 2% extra (speaking in very rough terms of course) and that is supposed to be the offset for the WE nerf?

I'd rather have a +2% increased chance to proc lunar eclipse.

Id have been quite happy if they simply just increased it to 70% chance to proc lunar and buffed our personal gain from EaM by 3-4% or doubled the effect of IIS instead of the eclipse buff.

Eclipse will always remain the linchpin of our spec regardless of it being 30% or 50%. its that strong already. what we needed was the functionality of WE incorporated into the game. WE helped with a specific aspect of our rotation. now that is taken away. my rotations were so much smoother under WE, it is that effect on my feeling of being able to control my dps in some small way with the rotation. that is now locked out of our skillset.
Wisprunner: This. Maybe they really are clueless. I don't see how this is compensation. This just continues to break what's already broken.
And there you have it. The thread in a nutshell. The buff to eclipse isn't really a buff, and it so, a very small one. 
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