Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Pilgrim's Bounty

So, its another achievement season and another one to bitch about. Personally, everything however is easy with this achievement and no real guide needs to be given for it. Its pretty black and white with what you need to do and how you need to do it. However..

Turkinator can kiss my fat cow ass.

Do you hear me?!

My husband spent almost 2 hours trying to kill his 40 turkeys last night, during a non-peak hour time (4-5am in the morning). I dreaded trying to do this during the peak hour. So I tried to avoid it but saw I needed turkeys for another quest so I figured I'd try it. 10 minutes in to it, I was cussing every word under the son. I would 10 stacks, then never find a turkey. Get to 20 stacks, someone would cut into my path, 30 stacks (about 4 times) and someone would cut into my path again. This achievement is a pain in the ass and probably wont be done on High Population servers until near the end of its reign when less people care about it.

However, while running around and cussing every word under the son, I discovered a nice little path off to the side. Now this path is the horde area only. Alliance outnumber Horde on my server so I refused to try out E. Forest. But, when I started this path, I had no trouble what-so-ever getting my turkeys. They respawned fast as I came around in my small circle and its less of a traffic area since most people are fighting around the lake and Brill.

First, the map, where I started:

I started right infront of the Bulwark. I actually had a few turkeys behind me for this screenshot, but I ignored them. Using this as a starting point, I decided to make a small circle around. I figure the respawn time on the turkeys was around 1 minute - 1 minute and 15seconds. Because of this, you couldn't just stand and wait for the turkeys to spawn in one point. You had to keep moving to find them since you had a 30 second timer between each kill.

So, starting at the bulwark, I used this map. I made a circle, starting at the Bulwark and around along the mountain's edge and over the road, to meet myself back where I started. Now, there is something out there that will help this go alot easier. If you are a Hunter, you already have it. If not, you need a piece of food that gives you a buff.

This buff tracks beasts. So Hunters can just use their aspect while others have to get this food. My husband made this food for me so I had an easy time getting it. However, if you don't have someone to share off of, you can go to Dalaran and get Recipe: Tracker Snacks off the cooking vendor. It requires Shoveltusk Flank, Northern Spices.

As you can see, its called Tracker Snacks. It lasts 1 hour. On your minimap, the turkey appear as a neutral beast. However, so do some of the bats in the area. So sometimes my map would light up with nothing but yellow and I would have to take time to mouse-over and see what was what. This was normally found around the Lake, so I wanted to move away from there.

Around the Bulwark, I found nothing but turkey on my map, so it was easy to run over to a yellow dot without double checking. Now, you can see I did this achievement during the peak hours of the day. 3 EST, 2 CST, on a Sunday. So everyone was on. I was so happy to get this achievement done, especially since it seemed so easy when I got this area. One or two people did run by me, but I don't think they had the food buff on so they was visually looking for the turkeys. So, I hope this helps a few people, but I can't guarantee it will work for everyone.

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Jake said...

I found several good spots in E Forest as you put it but since I had no tracker snacks, I was doomed. Ill have to try that on a non-peak day. and also: Gratz, as they say.