Wednesday, October 7, 2009

WoW Forums and your rights!

So, I'm sure a few people know I'm now perma banned from the World of Warcraft Forums. Interesting eh? My perma ban says trolling. Which is the act of pissing people off on purpose. Of course its funny, cause the person I was pissing off was someone just spamming the druid forums out of spite anyway. But the rules are, if they report you, blizzard doesn't care if you are right or wrong, you are just reported.

So, this guy, Sacriliege, we figured his main posted a question that was on the forums already, already stickied in one of the many useful topics up at the top of the page. So, of course, people told him to read the stickies. In anger, he went around posting on every topic he could find "your foolish, you should know better than to post on the druid forums! Read the stickies"

All he would say, over and over. Myself and several others finally got to the point where we would quote him and just repeat back what he would say, of course, pushing his point back onto him. He apparently didn't like the fact he was being outplayed and thus reported us.

So, blizzard decided "Oh hey! This person just quoted this guy and is totally part of the spam! PERMA BAN" So yeah...I now use my husband's account to post on the druid forums and its sad but funny at the same time. Funny that people are like "WHY THANK YOU RANDOM LEVEL TROLL" then again, people don't see its me and I sigh cause half the time when you see a low level alt you never heard of, you think hes just there to mess with you.

Either way, I did try to appeal, but blizzard is saying they aren't reverting it due to past issues (which again, are stupid cause if you just tell someone they are stupid or wrong on the forums, blizzard will ban you...Right wisp?)

I did give them a call and talked to a CSR about the rules of the forum and he told me straight up "World of Warcraft Forums are Privately Owned. Freedom of Speech DOES NOT WORK HERE"

So, there you have it. Freedom of speech does not work on the WoW Forums. You can post anything you like, yeah, but blizzard can ban you if they don't like your grammar, the way you say it, or if someone just feels like reporting you and acts like they are offended. I actually tried this to prove a point. I had a friend post on the forums saying he enjoyed long walks on the beach and whatnot (he was looking for an arena partner) on his realm forums..I reported it, about an hour later he received a 72 hour ban for spam.

Personally, I remember back when the WoW Forums were more, fun. Been using them since March 05 when I joined. Never had any troubles until this last year with Wrath. With WoW being so popular, of course the traffic flow increases on the forums which drives Blizzard up the wall in trying to keep up with the real idiots on the forums posting keyloggers, spamming/trolling, and harassing others. So they have become Nazi's about it and if you get reported, you get banned, no matter the offense. A guy on my own realm is perma banned for his first offense from bumping a necro thread.

Thats right! Necro'ing a thread will get you banned! Joy how that works. Anyway, I figured I would just let it out on the statement that I will no longer be posting on Foofy or Foofe, but a level 1 troll on Eldre Thalas named Akissi.


Xirella said...

Wow, that really sucks.

You would think that if the punishment for 'trolling' was an instant perma-ban, then no one would be able to post on the forums -ever!-

I get the whole equal punishment thing, but I seriously don't think that's a fair deal for one small offense.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That sucks!