Thursday, October 8, 2009

Druid Teir 10 Sets and Bonuses- A little thinking on my part.

First, lets start off looking at the set bonuses.

# Item - Druid T10 Balance 2P Bonus - When you gain Clearcasting from your Omen of Clarity talent, you deal 10% additional Nature and Arcane damage for 6 sec.
# Item - Druid T10 Balance 4P Bonus - Reduces the cooldown on your Eclipse talent by 6000.

Of course, when you look at the 2piece, you think, why and the hell is Blizzard making us go into the resto tree? Well, my thoughts were already posted on the druid forums in regard to this. Remember though, its my thoughts on this matter, my opinion. Some people may take it to heart and start an uproar.

Just so everyone knows, OOC is and isn't a mandatory talent. At the same time, blizzard putting a set bonus in that uses the resto tree on a balance set is strange, but at the same time, I welcome it. Why do I welcome it? OOC is our best mana regen talent. Its a 100% mana free cast on proc. Unless you have squawk and awe set to show when it procs, you never will notice it. (Or you play with game sounds and hear it)

It works great for General V, but at the same time, isn't a required talent that its going to make or break you in dps unless you have mana issues. Blizzard is probably stepping back and looking at normal moonkin, and the talents we take. Wanting to try and help us out by making a talent we take only for one thing and giving a set bonus piece to make it so we wont fall to far behind on the meters in the next teir of content. Which we do everytime and they try to scale us up accordingly. They are just doing it before hand.

My two cents anyway. Even if it is a place-holder, you know as soon as Icecrown comes out, we'll be low on the meters and they will buff us like every other hybrid.

Those are my thoughts. I believe in the long-run, Blizzard knows 90% of Moonkin pick up this talent anyway, hell, maybe more than that. Its the best mana regen talent we have. 100% free cast. So almost everyone has this. At the same time, its kinda odd its going into the Resto Tree for a Balance Set Bonus. As for our 4pc, this is a placeholder. It has to be. In computer terms, it means the cooldown will be lowered by 6 seconds. Which, if you notice your eclipse got changed last patch, we don't need.

While the eclipse timer cooldown is 30 seconds, it doesn't work like that. We can proc one eclipse after the other. Each is 15 seconds, and by the time we reach our second ending eclipse proc, the cooldown is up and we can proc again. So its 30 seconds from when the first proc happens. Meaning, if I cast Wrath, proc Lunar....starting at that second I proc'd Lunar, the 30 seconds start. Of course, 15 seconds later, Solar procs and at the end of it, Lunar is up again.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on it. 4 piece has to be a filler until something is figured out. The 2pc isn't bad, though odd its going into the resto tree. It may as well be a filler too..Datamined Info is Datamined Info after all.


Lissanna said...

The only problem I have with the 2-piece bonus is that it's random, and I hate random proc set bonuses for my moonkin's already random and unstable DPS.

if they actually release a cooldown duration set bonus for the 4-piece, I'm pretty sure the moonkins will revolt or just not pick up 4-pieces again. We might go 2 T9, 2 T10 if we have to...

Graylo said...


It's not just random, it's pretty week also. A 6 second buff of 10% that will probably proc about 2 times per minute on average is 2%. Second, we don't know if it is additive or Multiplicitive. Third, since damage is calculated at the end of a cast it's safe to assume we will lose some of each buff making the effective duration less then 6 seconds.

Unless, OOC procs a lot more then I'm seeing on my logs or history indicates this is less then a 2% buff. That is worse then every other set bonus we've had in WotLK other then 2T7.

Foofy said...


True on the proc, but I have noticed it can chain proc. But it all goes on RNG. So we have to see what normal proc rates we hold during a normal fight to see how much uptime we would have in all.

Graylo said...

Chain procing actually hurts the buff. If you proc it once and then proc it again 3 seconds later you just wasted 3 seconds of the previous proc.

Foofy said...

This is true, I would still like to see what its about it. As if it can chain proc and the damage increase can stack until the duration is over (without refreshing it, or even maybe freshing it) or whatever.

Datamined info is of course, datamined, but I would still like to see something done to it.

Lissanna said...

Not datamined anymore... but they already changed the 4-piece bonus!

Foofy said...

Its different, but doesn't make me go "wow!"