Saturday, September 5, 2009


I'm sure several people have heard about the World of Warcraft Podcast called RawrCast. The hosts are Stompalina and Hafrot, the Guild Masters of Bound, actually on my server.

Well, Stompalina didn't really know I was on her server until a post appeared on our realm forums about the podcast. I heard of the site, RawrbitchRawr, but I never really looked into it. After responding to it, along with a bad Troll post(which got deleted cause he was a bad troll to begin with) Stompalina tracked me down and sent me an email!

"Funny that you should post on a Staghelm thread about our show. I just got a listener request to have you on as a guest today. They directed me to your forum, and BAM, you are on Staghelm. lol

Are you free to chat on Skype in the coming week? I am free Friday, Sunday or most any afternoon."


Well, I responded back saying I'd be happy to join. However, little did I know what she really had up her sleeve!

Upon deciding a date, she placed me down for September 19,2009. Next week to be exact and well, does everyone know what day that is?..

International Talk like a Pirate day.

Ho'boy. Also, her new site launches that weekend too! So, Its like..Oh Hey! Foofy is going to be on the show and I'm gonna make her talk like a Pirate! Not to mention she wants to do something new with the show that will probably get me killed in the end because I'm a Bloodsail.

Ah, many broken hearts!

Anyway! Yeah! I'll be on the Podcast next week, and if you didn't catch last weeks, you should download it. It was pretty funny to listen to, until she totally called me out for wiping her heroic ToC!

Look, I didn't mean to! I swear! I'm just used to mass pulling all the adds before the second boss, so I hit starfall and then hung my head in shame as I saw they only pulled one group!


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Linea said...

WOW! I was the listener requested to have you on as a guest.
Good Luck I hope you have a great time, I look froward to hearing the show!

p.s. I told Stomp you are a Druid Goddess heh
stay hard keep jammin