Friday, August 21, 2009

Worgen and Goblin and the New Xpac

Above is the female Goblin, and Female Worgen taken from the new Xpac site!

I'm sure you all have read, Death Wing is coming back!

Azeroth is being torn apart, this is why we will be able to fly in old world. They are changing everything around. The elements are fighting within itself so as an idea of what I mean for those who did not see the stream:

Becomes a lovely lushy forest like scene

Rocky, lava, few palms left

Dark and broken

Now for the two new races!

Personally, I was all into the worgen, thinking it would look awesome, but after actually looking into it, I was kinda turned off and was actually really..REALLY surprised with how well they made goblins look, even the female goblin. It looks like they took their time on both new races, but I definitely will not hesitate to make a female Goblin now.

All the new race combos are confirmed, troll druids, tauren paladins, gnome priests, yada yada yada.. If race change becomes available, I may look into a troll druid. But at the time, I'm more concerned about what the forms would look like. During the preview, they had the troll go into tree form. Since Armor is always hidden in form, I am more concerned about what I look like, as well as OMG BESERKING while casting..

yum yum anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Well, you know what an altaholic I am, so I'll probably have at least one of each race. I'm not yet sure what class just yet, but I definitely will want to see how things play out from the Alliance end of things, so I'll be wanting to level to 80 on an Ally toon soon, anyway... Gawd, I'm such a lore whore. I've actually ENJOYED the Loremaster achievement on my main.

The goblin racials... OMFG!!!

Looks like with Garrosh on the loose, the Horde is going to go from being misunderstood as we've kind of been thus far to being truly evil.

The thing was something I'm pretty excited about, where you can keep up with friends cross-realm and even cross-game. A great way to keep up with friends playing elsewhere.

On a side note... Just how hammered WAS Jay Mohr last night?