Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm married to Horde (literally too!)

I figured I would start using this blog as a normal blog as well as when I update MRB. So, I figured I would let this out.

So, I'm Foofy a Tauren druid on Staghelm. I love being horde, I meet my husband through the game (inc snickers and lolonlinedating comments when going to the bar and picking up a drunk chick is no different). However, I wasn't always horde. I actually joined the game as Alliance.

I originally got in to the game by my Science teacher in High School. He was a huge kid (Literally). He was still in college but he was really smart..probably only like 7 years or so older than us. The reason he was so young was the school system had to pick up a teacher as soon as possible. Our original teacher was a pothead and had finally got caught and picked up by the police.

Anyway, as soon as World of Warcraft came out, he had his laptop in class and played it between classes, and if he had a Student Aid (Which I was) he'd have us level up his human paladin for him.

He didn't trust me after I said it wasn't right for you to swim through lava (I'd jump his toon into the lava in IF constantly before leveling)..But after playing it and helping his toon out, I wanted to try it. I had an xbox just sitting collecting dust at the time so I was like "Oh well"..took it to gamestop, turned it in for money, bought the game. I had to credit card or anything at the time and you needed one to start the game, so I had a buddy from an online forum I would paypal money to and he would pay for the startup until I was able to get gamecards.

So, when I created my first character, it was a Night Elf Hunter (My teacher recommended it for soloing and getting stuff done)..Her name was Gladis and god I was a terrible noob. I was gearing for looks, not stats..but god you know what? I looked good.

I leveled slow..very slow. My pc at home only had 128mb and the graphics card was intergrated. One day my teacher offered to help me out so I brought in my pc and he gave me some free ram. So I was able to make it to level 54 after 4 months of actually being able to see what I was doing. But grouping sucked. Everyone had a Night Elf hunter...So I couldn't get on much. Because of that, I rerolled horde. I wanted to be something different, something there was very little of.

Thus came Grandstorm. Being the child I was, I wanted to keep to the lore somewhat but all the names I had originally wanted was taked. So I came up with Grandstorm. Horde was completely new to me (Those who are curious, Grandstorm is Foofy's Original name)..

I played and leveled as a Resto Druid like an idiot, but no one wanted a caster druid (moonkin wasn't alive back then) and ferals were just laughed at. So, I only did few quests and ran instances galore. I loved it. I was always being whispered by people to come heal. Most of the times it was the same people I knew I could run an instance easily with.

Upon hitting 60, I raided MC a bit and just as I got into BWL, I ended up joining the Military. I had cleared everything up to Chromag in BWL before leaving so guildmates would send me letters when they downed something. However, while I was gone, a new guild formed on the server. During this time, AQ was out and then Blizzard suddenly pushed out Naxx, and this new guild wanted to clear Naxx before Xpac. They didn't technically "take" members from other guilds, but offered them the spots and people took them, killing pretty much every guild on the horde side.

So I came back to a mess. Half my friends were in the new guild, others in the old. I was being invited to the new guild by friends (even though undergeared but more for fun) and I was being taunted by my other friends not to talk to the others.

I was put in the middle and I hated it. Thats when server transfers first opened up and I was like "Ok guys, figure it out yourselves, I'm outta here. I'm not gonna pick sides".. So I left.

I had found a forum post of a server needing druids bad. The person stated all horde guilds on the server needed druids and all were welcomed. So I took it without thinking twice. There I meet up with Andrew (Azamath)..we didn't even try getting together. We didn't talk to much to eachother. I was just a new druid to the server to him. But when they did the update servers for BC when they was down for 2 days, we really started to talk since I still had an alt on my original server and we'd go there and level together.

Now, we're married. However, I look back at alliance every so often. I wonder what it would have been like if I leveled a Night Elf druid instead. They was needed too. Personally, I would love my tauren not to look so damn odd in gear. I thought long and hard about the faction transfer idea. I even have my husband saying he'd do it if I really wanted to. But I have a great guild on Hordeside I'm in now and already have offers from alliance guilds if I decide to go. But, overall, besides feeling better about my character, getting that extra 1% to hit, better racials for aza's rogue as well as shadowmeld for some world pvp fun..I don't think I could just up and leave a great guild.

So we both decided that if something should happen to the guild, We'd do it. Until then, we are completely happy with where we are. However, I still want a Night Elf Druid, so I'm leveling one..

Its really nice to have a helm look nice on you for once! :D

(I'm sure people are wondering how Foofy became Grandstorm..Well, one of my old guild's wanted to transfer servers for more competition. Upon doing so, I wanted to go with the nickname a few marines named me in AIT. And No, I'm not a marine, I'm Army Guard, During AIT we shared the same base so I always ran into them. A few of them played WoW and we'd go to the LAN center together. I was like a little sister to them so they gave me a nickname. When we transferred servers, I heard one of my buddies got shipped to IRAQ and I wanted to honor him..thus I renamed my toon)


Markus said...

I liked your story. It is strange how things work out. If you would have went alliance then what would have happened? or stayed in one of the original guilds?
Life sure is funny.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.