Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Long Overdue Update

Well, the last update was about the TMR contest, which I hope you all are going to par-take in! But this isn't want this post will be about. As we all know, new druid forms have been posted on the World of Warcraft site for all to see! We have new Bear and Cat forms at this time and it was stated that Tree, Moonkin, Seal, and Travel will come at a later date if at all. But lets take a look at the forms we got, starting with tauren!

As you can see with the new Tauren Cat form, we look nothing like we used to! They finally got rid of the old beta place holder we have had for years and gave us a model with a smoother and richer fill to its being! Though, I'm not a fan of having a ring in my cat's nose, its a welcomed change.

With our Tauren Bear form, it looks as if they just smoothed all of our edges out and allowed us to change our colors. Its a medium change but I still welcome being able to look different then the druid next to me to some extent.

Now for the Night Elf forms! You guys get to be so pretty! ( panthers!) With the release of the Night Elf Cat form, a few elves aren't happy that they will be a bright pink bundle of fur. Personally, I saw this coming and I have to agree with a few of them that I liked the old Cat model better.

Now lastly, the Night Elf Bear! You guys got a slight overhaul, but you still have the same model. I feel however with where they put the mini signatures/body art on your model, makes it look terrible with several of the color schemes you have available.


In other news!

I'm secretly working on The Moonkin Raiding Basic's 5! This info will cover Ulduar rotations with the 4pc, the change in gemming and additional information that was released with patches such as:

Who should I innervate? (due to the change)
What glyphs are still good?
4pc Proc

It wont be very big, but I still don't have to much time to play around with it during the day, that and I'm heading out to get a new mic to hopefully fix the annoying buzz that has some people complaining. So, no ETA on the video yet since I still have alot of information to gather. I also still have people asking me for a PVP how to video, but sadly, moonkin pvp just isn't there right now when its the world of Meleecraft and we have no survivability as is.

But! To go away from the game, I finally got officially married! Yeah, I know..BUT YOUR PROFILE SAID...

I had been with my husband for 3 years now, and lived with him for a full year. We already treated each other like husband and wife and told others since we knew we was going to get married anyway. That and saying Fiance and Fiancee made us feel weird, like someone who went around rolling their eyes and trying to be perky the whole time. You know, something you would see on General Hospital or something (shiver).

Anyway, as I stated, I will be working on MRB101 part 5 in due time, I just want to get the finalized numbers for a few things as well as a new mic before I sit down and start working on it.

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Jake said...

So, grats on the marriage thing! I can't wait for # 5!