Tuesday, May 19, 2009

TMR Video Contest

Fellow Moonkin! It’s that time of year when The Moonkin Repository (http://www.themoonkinrepository.com) breaks out the peach schnapps and gives away free stuff! Well, technically you have to work for it, but it’s still free! There’s also not really any schnapps, but let’s not split hairs. Instead, let’s get down to the business of the -

Second Official TMR Competition!

We have decided this competition will be our first MOONKIN VIDEO COMPETITION.

The theme is simply anything involving Moonkin. Rather than stifle creativity, this allows you to enter in any genre, style or format. We will literally accept any video to do with Moonkin. PVP, PVE, fiction, non-fiction, screen-capture, live-action, animated, serious, humorous, abstract, anything! There are a few simple rules which should be followed unless you want your hard work disqualified.

The Rules:

1. You may enter as many times as you wish, but if you want to win, go for quality, not quantity.

2. The topic of your video must be related to Moonkin in one way or another. At the beginning and end of your video, you must include the URL for this site (http://www.themoonkinrepository.com).

3. No vulgar language. Written, spoken, or in the soundtrack. None.

4. Your video should be less than 10 minutes long. This does not mean you need to make a long video, a thirty second clip has just as much chance of winning as a 10 minute one. Remember quality, not quantity.

5. You do not need to be a current member to participate. However, you will have to sign up to post your entry, and so that if you win, we can track you down and send you your prize. Sign-up is free and takes only sixty seconds (go to http://www.themoonkinrepository.com).

6. If winners do not respond within 2 weeks of results being announced, your prize will be forfeited to the next most deserving entry.

7. Any video editing software may be used, but final entries must be submitted in the manner detailed below:

The competition starts now (05/19/09) and will finish in six weeks (06/30/2009). If enough people bitch and moan about needing more time, an extension will be considered, but do not count on it.

Entries must be posted on the ‘Moonkin Video Entries’ thread on the TMR website here: http://themoonkinrepository.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=2559 as a stream. See below for a list of possible sites you can upload your video to.

Entries can only be posted in the LAST FIVE DAYS of the competition (from 06/26/09 to 06/30/09). Do not post your entry earlier, or it will be immediately deleted.

8. Judging will commence on 07/01/09. Judging will be open to all members rank two (Pewpewpoultry) and above – i.e. Members that have made more than 25 posts on the boards. More details about judging will be posted closer to the date.

Video hosting sites:


The Prizes:

We have some really great prizes this round! We hope you all enjoy them!

First Prize:
Stuffed Moonkin - We will be commissioning Syri to create a unique hand-made Moonkin for you! Shipping and handling will be taken care of by us.

Second Prize:
In-Game Epic Tabard and SlashDance trading card - With the Epic Tabard, we ask that you choose one tabard from the following list. Also, we all remember Slashdance! This card gives you 100 party Grenades to toss about and make people of your own faction dance against their will! As a moonkin, you can make your trees dance with you too!

Third Prize:
An official Moonkin Repository T-Shirt! The design(s) will be posted here shortly.

Note: For those of you who are wondering, the Moonkin Repository shirts will be purchasable to all shortly in the form of an online shop. More on that later.

Need help making a video?

First things first, most people will be wanting to capture in-game footage for your video! Fraps is probably the common program to do this. It can be downloaded at:


The free version will create a watermark at the top of your screen and only capture 30 seconds of footage at a time. If you are making a longer recording you will have to hit the record button again the second it automatically turns off. If you decide you like fraps and wish to buy it, there is a one-time fee which will make you eligible for all future updates. The full version will obviously record any length of time and remove the watermark.

Other video capture programs include:


Next, let us look at movie maker software. There are several out there. Most people will have a default one already on their PC. On a Windows PC, it will be called Windows Movie Maker. On most Macs it will be called iMovie. With these programs, you can take the clips you created from Fraps and insert them (often just by dragging and dropping) into the software package. All you need to do then, is edit, add your soundtrack and render.

So that is all there is so it! You can now make your own videos. If you wish to find more information or other programs out there, just ask around.

There is one extra tool we should mention. Most people love to use Wow Model Viewer. This allows you to take models out of the game by themselves and dress them up in any gear you like. This can be a really useful and fun tool for potential movie makers.

Final note. Please post any questions about the contest in this thread. If you have any great ideas for a video, but are not inclined to make one yourself, post your ideas here so that others might be able to utilize your inspiration.

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