Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Job, New Life, New world

Well, here are the hard facts:

1) The economy still is feeling the stress
2) People are getting laid off still
3) I am one of those people

Yes, I was laid off of my job about 2 months ago and finally grabbed a hold of a new job. However, my hours for game time got cut in half, if not more. I only get home in time to raid, then head to bed. That's it.

So, I will no longer be able to do any theorycrafting. I will however continue to Mod the TMR forums with the best of my power and relay any information over there that becomes confirmed with math onto this blog in an easy to understand interface for all to enjoy and learn.

As for the Moonkin Raiding Basic's Videos, only day I have off from work is Sunday. If something should come up that needs to be placed into the video, I will try my best to get it out. I however cannot promise that it will be out on time, or within a timely manner.

I thank you all who have been reading this blog and hope you enjoyed it. Just don't take this as in "Foofy is Quitting moonkin!" "Foofy is Quitting the game!" "Foofy's Blog will never be updated!"

Its all wrong, I will still play, I will still update my blog with information as it comes out. So happy hunting in Ulduar and may purps rain from the sky for you!

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Jake said...

Eh, get work settled, then come back and theory craft it up! Good luck!