Monday, February 27, 2012

Do you like Shadowpriests?!

We all know that strange kid in the back who has that priest alt and is determined to be awesome with it. Or maybe you have a priest and want to be awesome with it? Either way, we all know about resources such as EJ and We also know that these don't always tend to stay up to date or give very open discussions (EJ).

So a guildmate of mine decided to start up his own blog. Its going to handle normal Spriest discussions, theorycrafting, and just plain boredom blogging. So overall, a world of things are going to happen on it! So I'm proud to welcome my guildmate to the wonderful world of Blogging!

You can find him at Life in the Shade where he will be posting numerous ideas, rotations, and waggling. So take a peak, you will probably find him much more active then me. :D

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