Saturday, August 6, 2011

Stop Gating my Title!

I'm sure by now, several people are getting tired of doing dailies. Most people by now are exalted or pretty close. Myself? I didn't do extra trash runs. I never had the time. So I'm sitting nice and pretty in Reveered. Needless to say...Random spawns needed for your Title achievement is getting slightly annoying.

Since the first time I opened up the Druid of Talons and rode my lovely Fire Hawk for the bombing quest, I've needed only one Fire elemental guy. After several weeks of not getting him, I decided to cheat. Thats right, I got tired of doing dailies but I wanted my title.

People have said that you can get the bombing quest two days in a row. That has NEVER happened for me. You get an egg or hatchlings one day, then ride the next. Rinse and Repeat. Because of this, you always had a day of missing the guy you needed to hit. I finally said Screw it and broke down what quests I needed each day to open what I needed.

Upon zoning in, you need to only pick up 3 quests.

Rayne gives you 1 of 2 quests available. Wisp Away (close portals) or Aggressive Growth. Both are very easy. She however is needed to push the quests forward. If you skip her, you won't be able to open up the Talons or Wardens.

Captain Irontree is needed as well. He gives Burn Victims. This quest is very easy but annoying during busy days at the Molten Front. Even though the people are just laying everywhere, half the time someone is off in the distance(max) using the item on them. So by the time yours goes off, they are already up and thanking someone else.

And of course, General Taldris Moonfall. She gives you the quests you need for either Talon of Warden after you complete the first two. They are normally random but you will always receive a quest to kill elementals. The second quest is the random part which consists of Molten Giants, Dogs, Lava Worms, and Druids of the Talon returning for a mass slaughter.

Upon finishing your quests, she will open up a second pair. It will be either into the Fire or The spire. Once you did the Spire once, you will more than likely be still doing in to the Fire. Fire has the random parts two it while Spire you can just go hit spiders without even taking the quest.

Upon helping your good buddy through the fire (or you can be lazy like through the fire and kill the guy before he even gets there), you get pulled into the cave below. This is where you need to pick up a quest to continue on. Remember, with this, I'm doing the least amount of quests I can just to open up the fire bird as well as the Lieutenant.

So, upon entering the cave below, you need to go say Hi to Thisalee Crow. She will offer you two quests. You need to do them both. However, you don't need to talk to her and can leave the cave if you are doing this a second day in a row. Further information on why will be at the end.

Anyway, just pick up "Fire flowers" and go picking, and of course kill as you go..Turn in your quest and head up top as soon as you can...Turn in with the Female Tauren and the last two should open up.

Now, you are at the part where you can save yourself some trouble. If this is your first time doing the fast run of dailies with the Molten Front, you can pat yourself on the back. You are able to pick up the Flying Bombing quest and keep it. That means if your guy did not spawn that day..Then you can just leave the zone and hold onto it for the next day.

You will need to do the quests I stated already to get there. However, if all you need is the bombing quest, you have no need to get the Flowers for the Tauren. That is only if you need the Lieutenant. They are random too, so more than likely you still do. So. Below is the list of quests you will need to do just to get your save point.

First time (Saving your Fire Hawk Bombing Daily)
1) Aggressive Growth/Wisp Away
2) Burn Victims
3) Traitors Return /The Harder they Fall/ Breech in defenses/etc
4) Hostile Elements
5) In to the Fire
6) Fire Flowers
7) Kill the Flame Walkers
8) Hatchlings/Egg ---If you do not have it on the day you do it
9) Kill Fire Hawks

Second Time (If you got the Fire Hawk in the same day as the first run)
1) Aggressive Growth/Wisp Away
2) Burn Victims
3) Traitors Return /The Harder they Fall/ Breech in defenses/etc
4) Hostile Elements
5) In to the Fire

Now, this is the only annoying part. I tried it once and found that it didn't like me. You will need to complete the Fire Hawk daily to do pick up your Lieutenant quest. So, everyday I zone in to the Molten Front, I always run back and check to see which is up. This is how you can decide if you want to take the chance to drop the quest or not.

Holding on to the Bombing Quest allows you to do it everyday. You no longer have the chance of the mob you need spawning on a day you can't even do the quest. I'm sure other people have already thought of doing this or already have. but at the same time..I just wanted to let people know the quests you needed to do just to unlock it. This way if you are like me and getting tired of doing dailies everyday for a crappy bit of gold, then you can at least limit the amount of time you spend.

Anyway, happy hunting all! I already knocked out my last guy for my Bombing Run on the first day of doing this trick. Now my Lieutenants need to spawn =(

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