Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mastery...what you shouldn't do if you was me

I'll probably be stabbed by the masses with bloody pitchforks, but I wanted to try something different with my reforging.

With the new Mastery, I feel harmony gives a slick kick when used correctly. I noticed a huge difference when I had 10 mastery vs the other Druid's 14 mastery. Looking at how her hots where hitting, it became a quest for me to see if; while slightly outgeared by her.. I could close the gap between our healing.

I went back to the books, reading a few sites and finding a few druids to chat with. So..after doing a bit of reading, chatting, and prodding of players, I decided -Cower- to drop alot of spirit in for Mastery.


Ok, you may beat me now. I'll take it!

This is an experiment I'm working on and so far, the results are very promising!

Q: But Foofy! What about your regen?
A: The more intellect you have, the less spirit you will want. It becomes a waste. Trying to worry about regen of a mana pool 130k or more is like asking the dentist not to pull your tooth when its already sticking out and hanging on your gumline.

So, I decided to play with this strat of reforging my spirit into Mastery. This took me from 10 mastery to 17.35. Now I was merely behind in spellpower and healing assignments to this druid. My gap has closed and I feel better.

Q: Aren't you always OOM Foofy?
A: No more than what I was with the spirit. I innervate myself early and often and it all works out.

I do NOT recommend doing what I am doing unless you feel you can handle the little regen. I have not done any math on this because..I'm bad at math.

As a side note, I'm going back to college! And yes, I have to take my maths all over again. THE ALPHABET DOES NOT BELONG WITH NUMBERS...that is all.

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Nieko said...

Gonna have to play with this a bit, but i like where you're going with this.