Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Resto Druid Basics 101?

A few people have been whispering me about this. It normally ends up them asking about Moonkin Raiding basics being continued. Then I normally respond with "Oh, I went resto this Xpac. "

It always ends "Resto is my offspec, will you do a video for that?"

Personally, I haven't decided if I will or not. I'm definitely not the best resto druid out there and thank god, not the worst! However, The question becomes, would I really do it? I've only received about a dozen whispers about this in the past 3 months. So it doesn't seem like there would be any interest if I made them or not. So, going on that, I figured I would make a poll and leave it up.

If you feel I should make a resto druids 101 basic video, vote yes. Then send this page to your friends and have them vote as well. If there is no real response in 2 weeks; then I will just tell people no and there is no real interest in it.

But for those who have been asking me about resto druid stuff, I use 2 main sites.
Greentouches Resto Guide
IncBear Resto Druid Haste Breakpoints



Jake said...

I also changed to resto in this xpac, but I had to drop my account for like 8 months by the time I could start playing again. You really helped me with boomkin back in wrath, and I feel like you could do a great job teaching resto as well.

But, I always say do what you want, not what others want.

Foofy said...

I don't mind doing it. But I rather do it if people would be interested in it and it would help them.

I have started a script and am talking with Lisanna from Restokin to help me with the changes in 4.2 so I can make sure the video is as accurate as it can get for patch day, since healing for resto druids will be changed due to mastery.