Monday, May 2, 2011

Who's Excited for the patch notes of 4.2?!

Alot of uproar at the start, especially from the Moonkin community. I understand why though, but as I told Auryn (our guild Moonkin) it was going to happen. I think I told him maybe 4 or 5 months ago that sunfire spam was going to be nerfed.

He tried to refuse it, but I was a Moonkin for far too long. I knew it was going to happen and anyone who didn't see it coming was blind to it or refused to accept it. But, what does this mean? I mean, after all; Moonkin just got their starsurge nerf and what not. This apparently will push them lower in the meters to other classes if they can't multi dot for bosses.

Fear not! While I may be Resto, the old Moonkin in me is sure to stay, and shes speaking loud and proud! Moonkin will be getting something in return. Maybe a buff in damage, or something else. We won't be pushed down so far without something to lift us up. Blizzard will do something, even if it takes them to the very end of the patch notes to do it. (IE, until its close to ptr closing time and the community has spammed the forums enough)

Remember, the patch notes are still very new! Hell, they may even retract it if they can't come up with something to even Moonkin out. So calm yourselves, and stop molting all over my floor.

Ps, I went Male Troll. Cows will be forever; so don't hate.

Also, I still point to this post about female trolls and how I hate them

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Buy299Laptops Customer said...

its obvious they are gonna buff wild mushrooms again LONG LIVE SHROOMS...SUCK IT STAR