Thursday, March 3, 2011

Karma - A non Wow Post

Karma? Do you believe in it? I do. I believe it is real. Today made me just fulfill my belief anymore.

I work retail. Have been for almost a year. It was like any other day. We all know people shopshift. Some people do it because they want the item but don't want to pay/don't have the money. Others do it for the thrill. Some sick thrill but you know what I mean. Needless to say; this isn't the first time I've watched our Loss Prevention team catch someone. But it was the most entertaining.

Today, normal register day. Ringing people out. I suddenly see the Loss Prevention peeps run by me and towards the door, with my managers close behind. Next thing I see is this young girl, probably around 17 years old making a walk for the door. She beeps.

Just as she does, they cut her off. By law, they are not allowed to lay a finger on her unless she fights back. Apparently this lady knew this because she began to yell "YOU CAN'T TOUCH ME" (shes done this before apparently) and started pushing towards the door, eventually making it outside.

Once outside, they could only follow her to the car. During which the Boyfriend was waiting for her. She continued to say "YOU CAN'T TOUCH ME" the entire time. Well, my managers wrote down the License plate of the car and was quick to call it in.

It wasn't but a few minutes later we get a policeman walking in to grab one of our Loss Prevention to ID the lady. Here is what happened as soon as they left the store.

The boyfriend apparently was so full of adrenaline that he was speeding, which we have cops all over in the city and pulled him over for speeding. While the Officer was running the plates, our call came in. So he arrested the "woman". Not only that! He ended up arresting the boyfriend too. Why?

- Several unpaid traffic tickets (parking/ name it)
- And of Shoplifting since he aided in it.

Ontop of all of that, his car was apparently up for Repo for unpaid bills.

So, karma..

Its there.

Stealing is stupid. They stole a $200 item, have to pay the fee of shoplifting of $15,000; car repo'd, Jail time and whatnot.

Is it really worth it? Seriously.

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