Friday, June 18, 2010

Random Loot is Random

Yes, yes it is. And sometimes, its so random it pisses people off.

My guild is known for its bad drop rate for caster items. We've seen the Ring of Rapid Ascent twice since ICC was released. Once on normal (our very first kill) and once on heroic. We've seen the DFO about 4 times since killing (both heroic and normal mode), and don't get me started on Lady's Brittle Bracers. First time they EVER dropped was last week.

Yes, our casters are undergeared compared to our melee. Our melee are deing alot of the stuff, going offspec and much more. We see nothing but Conq and Prot tokens every day. Vanquisher is a 1 in a million drop for the Heroic Token. With Caster items on the low down, most casters are putting up the items they don't see much of on their loot lists and putting tokens at the bottom.

So melee get the tokens first, gear that always drops and the other good stuff.

Yeah, being a caster is fun. This is where I wish the SEED idea was true, cause I will gladly tell our GM he as a bad SEED. :(

In other words, @#$% random loot.

So, whats your luck with loot?


Anette Henriksen said...

man.. come over to us. its raining vanquisher hc tokens (yet i got 0 because its bidwar as hell...). All casters got DFO normal or hc. All casters got nibelung hc. And we got 3 of sindra hc trinket and like 4 of normal. Also vanquisher normal tokens drop so its raining on us. I got 5/5 boomkin, 5/5 feral 5/5 resto 5/5 cat.... :> On us the caster loot rains, and melees whine. specially on hc tokens. Luckely soon most of dk,mages etc got their tokens i can start getting mine ^^,
Stuff that never drops for us is tanking loot and the cloth belt from marrow :>

random shit is random tbh, as for myself ive seen Reign Of the Dead like 3 times and always lost it to ppl going afk next week :/

Oh,and its Angie from moonkin repository :D

Almoderate said...

We've been getting tons of Vanq tokens as well, but it's been very sparse on the others. Seems like everyone has either a Nibelung or a Frozen Bone Spike these days.

The caster trinket from Sindragosa has dropped a few times now, and I got it, but the Dislodged Foreign Object refuses to drop for me since Miyoko got it. Trauma is a nearly ever week drop.

Foofy said...


As much fun as that would be, I still enjoy the loot lists we do. DKP and bid wars just isn't my thing anymore.

Nice to see others getting stuff to drop though. Marrowgar drops the belt almost every other week. Phly has dropped twice for us. I got the first one :D

As for the Reign, we saw it once when TOGC was the cool new thing. Now that we go back to farm cloaks, it drops constantly and has pissed several people off. Oh yes, we had Vanquisher token problems in there too. Still, blaming the GM and his bad seed.


Stop getting Vanq Tokens! Send some our way. Our DK's and Rogues are Decked to the Teeth, but me, the other druids and a mage is left behind in the dust.

I think next month wether I get my drops this month or not, I'm going to have to really change around my list. I need to start fighting for tokens that never drop.


Neyuna said...

My guild has the same bad luck. We've had 3 DFOs since we started clearing back when ICC was first released, 2 phylacteries, and maybe 2 of each of the Crushing Coldwraith belt, BQL necklace and Ring of Rapid Ascent.

We often get triple or double Conq tokens. They are going for 70dkp while Vanq and Prot still go for around 200.

I'd say the only caster item we have too much of is the Bonespike.

Lucky for me, most people are saving up for the trinkets (which go for 400+) and I've been gobbling up the other off-set items. :)

Foofy said...

I only need my DFO and I have both my trinkets.

Other than that I need all 5 teir heroic tokens, neck (up next for), Bracers(up next for), Back, Boots and a ring (off the top of my head.