Sunday, April 25, 2010

Reawaken is Recruiting

Yeah, my guild is recruiting again. With people leaving due to getting bored with the game (8 months till something new comes along and we're 11/12 Heroic 25man) I don't blame them. So here is the usual recruitment post one of our officers uses. ( I think he should make it a bit smaller >_>)

We are currently looking for exceptional individuals that want to experience ICC 25 and kill Heroic Mode bosses, currently we are 11/12 ICC25 Heroic, 11/12 ICC10 Heroic, with Death's Demise, and Grand Crusader titles under our belts. We are also working on completing heroic and normal mode achievements for all the encounters. If this interests you contact us at.

Our current progression is here:

Our current needs are:

Death Knight - Closed
Druid - Open (1 Resto)
Hunter - Closed
Mage - Closed
Paladin - Open (Protection)
Priest- Open (Shadow)
Rogue - Closed
Shaman - Closed
Warlock - Closed
Warrior - Closed

Do not hesitate to apply if your class is not listed. We always look at exceptional applicants. All applicants must be in a minimum of 25 man ICC gear, raid experience and skill are a must. Inquire within.

Guild History

Reawaken is a small, tight-knit guild based around endgame PvE progression in Wrath of the Lich King. Currently we have our Ironbound Proto-Drakes, Heroic Anub'arak (25 man) on farm, and are progressing in Icecrown Citadel Heroic modes. Reawaken has also seen all content in the Burning Crusade, everything up to and including Kil'jaeden; and all content in Vanilla WoW, including Naxxramas.

Recruitment Expectations & Member Conduct

Our reputation on Staghelm is important to us, as it should be. We expect all of our members to act mature, and show the utmost respect towards others, whether it be in guild or out of guild. We do not participate in realm forum trolling or epeening; we let our progression do the talking.

Raid invites begin at 6:30. Raiders should be outside the instance and ready to go during invites. While we plan to pull at 7:00, we never have a problem with starting a bit early. We expect every raider to come to raids fully prepared, this includes any consumables, reagents, potions, food, etc. All of your gear should be enchanted and gemmed with the best gems and enchants possible; if you don't want to spend a little extra for a few more stats, this probably isn't the guild for you.

Our recruits are expected to maintain an attendance percentage of at least 90% for the duration of the trial period (30 days). If we feel that you are not pulling your weight we will remove you or extend recruitment period on a per case basis.

Recruits are just that, recruits, you are being evaluated on everything you do. We expect you to go above and beyond during your trial. Don't AFK during trash, show up late or unprepared, and coast through encounters if you want to pass your trial. If you are unfamiliar with the content we are attempting, it is your responsibility to do research on our forums and other websites to be well prepared.

Raid Schedule & Attendance

We expect our members to maintain an average lifetime attendance of 85% or better. During the first few weeks of new content we will be raiding more than our "normal" raid times, in order to maintain our server first position. Our raid schedule is based on server time (Central timezone).

Sunday - 7:00pm - 11:00pm
Monday - 7:00pm - 11:00pm
Tuesday - 7:00pm - 11:00pm
Wednesday - 7:00pm - 11:00pm
Thursday - 7:00pm - 11:00pm
Friday - Offday
Saturday - Offday


Our loot system is unique to Reawaken, and we believe it is one of the strengths of the guild. We run a hybridized loot council system, where you create "lists" of the items you are most interested in. New members are not placed in a situation where they’ll be constantly passed over for loot, and the net result is fairly equitable distribution of loot to all members. We do maintain an 85% attendance as a part of our loot system. It’s a different approach, entirely homegrown by Reawaken, and we like it quite a bit.


Guild Master - Lokoshkan
Officer - Litlredvette
Officer - Rival

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